Alien Recovered From The Roswell UFO Crash

This is the supposedly real video purportedly showing us the recovery of "Alien's" as in plural, of more than one Extraterrestrial entity which was apparently taken away from the UFO crash site.

Roswell is a highly controversial subject from many different stand points.

Recovery of Alien's at Roswell New Mexico US.

A supposed real recovery of the Alien Grey's at Roswell UFO Crash site in New Mexico US.

The Sun ran this story in 2017 and to be honest, I've only recently come across this really bizarre looking video!

I've personally been asked if I'd like to purchase colour photo's ie "apparently the originals", I quickly said no thank you as there's no added value than what's already freely available online.

EXTRAORDINARY footage has emerged reportedly showing an alien creature being carted away on a stretcher after the so-called Roswell UFO crash.

The grainy video is alleged to have been shot in an Area 51 hangar and apparently films an alien being taken away.


Plus, the supposedly real Roswell photo's could have been a scam?

It probably was?

Also, there's apps freely available for download which turns black and white photographs into colour photographs. Heck, we can now make Abraham Lincoln sing and dance in video format or GIFs if you like? These apps software replaces the mouth with it's own version and make it looks very convincing.

So, if we can make Abraham Lincoln photo's come to life "literally" I'm inclined to believe that Photoshop can literally create anything else it likes, providing the right skill behind it is sufficient?

  • Is this Alien Grey recovery real?
  • Is it constantly and deliberately being hoaxed?
  • Does it look staged to you?

I'm asking these many questions because somebody needs to be asking these sorts of things otherwise we're all going to accept anything at face value.

I'll tell you something though, it definitely looks the part doesn't it! If I did not know better than to ask questions I'd probably accept this at face value.

It's easy to put grainy 1920s black and white distortion onto the video by using any "off the shelf app" so-to-speak because it's all the rage nowadays. People are always tweaking their videos and photos that a lot of people are now capable of creating hard to distinguish between real and faked, Extraterrestrial videos.

It's a true shame because it's hurting the credibility of Ufology. That's if this is a hoax which I'm inclined to say I'm leaning towards.

I hope that this is a real Alien video.

My reason for this is that it's just so hard to believe because of the software out there that could produce these results and if not probably better! Also because this hasn't been picked up by mainstream media or top UFO experts or anyone of note in the conspiracy world if I'm being frank with you I'm going with it been a huge hoax.

I put a screenshot of the Extraterrestrial through good old Google Len's and it never returned anything else like it although I personally know that there is a really similar looking UFO sighting to this that I've already written about.

It took place over London UK here's the extraordinary screenshot of it and here's the link to the post.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: Mystified YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I think it Genuinely looks pretty real to me. Just being honest. I already knew about this because I study and research the history of UFOLOGY.


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