Fleet Of 10 UFO Globes Over Nuclear Plant Osaka Japan

Fleet Of 10 UFO Globes Over Nuclear Plant Osaka Japan

Here's what can only be described as a fleet of UFOs that was filmed by the witness flying over Osake and a nuclear power station.

UFO fleets aren't that rare nowadays, they sure used to be but they've definitely become more apparent.

A fleet of 10 UFO globes filmed flying slowly over Osaka nuclear power plant in Japan.

A fleet of ten UFO spheres or "white globes" was filmed flying really slowly over the Osaka nuclear power plant in 2015 and was filmed by a local.

It's either that they're more in numbers now than at any other point in history or it's because more people are filming them? Either way it's really down to people wanting to report them or at least reporting them anonymously at least.

At some point if someone does film such a thing as a UFO, they'd probably be thinking about all that ridicule that's gonna be coming their way? They will be weighing up their options "shall I put my name on it, or should I just delete it?" Will ridicule be heading their way if they put their name to a UFO sighting video, not anymore because of the UAP disclosure.

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It could be that with the admission that UAPs are real or that UFOs are real people are more than happy to report a UFO sighting. This one happening in Osaka, Japan was before the UAP disclosure but none the less it still stands that people are more inclined to report a UFO sighting.

The 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video

Osaka nuclear power plant had 10 white gloves flying over it, but these where been filmed by an onlooker who is quite far away from these UFOs. I honestly believe that the real UFOs on Earth can detect if they're being filmed? Seriously we have technology which does the exact same thing. It's actually really basic technology.

That's why I think because the eye witness is further away from the UFO globes I think "maybe" it's not been detected and as everyone and their families are aware "all nuclear power stations are filled with CCTV cameras! Is that why someone was filming them with a handheld device? Because they were seen on the CCTV so the security personnel went outside to get it on camera?

•Date of sighting: 2015

•Location of sighting: Osaka, Japan

•Eyewitness states:

White lights dance over Japan's skies. What Could they possibly be? Footage captured of strange white objects floating over Japan. Could they be UFOs? The 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video. 

This bizarre footage has captured 10 white circular balls floating in the sky above Osaka in Japan. 

They are quick moving and dance around in the two-minute long video which was uploaded to the YouTube channel Latest UFO sightings news.

The unusual white lights are similar to those s potted above a Blue concert in Hyde Park in June 2015. But in the London sighting the lights hovered in the sky for just a brief moment before they suddenly disappear into thin air, just as quickly as they came.

These Osaka, Japan globes are clearly seen for a much longer time. 

By the end of the week, the mystery appeared to be solved when a member of an elite Army parachute team, The Golden Knights, came forward to say it was his group that was seen over Milwaukee, performing during the city's annual German Fest events.

But as claims emerged that NASA had then abruptly cut off the footage, conspiracy theorists were convinced the clip was more proof of alien visitors. Watch the video and decided for yourself.

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Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by Latest UFO Sightings News:

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Credit: Latest UFO Sightings News YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. The french scientific Geipan study found a clear correlation between the locations of UFOsobservations and any kind of nuclear instalation.

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