UFO In Space Behaving Erratic, Turning In Every Direction Getting Our Attention

Here's what can only be described as a genuine Extraterrestrial encounter at the ISS.

Even though we don't actually see the UFO Orb coming to the ISS it's definitely close enough that it's caught on any cameras.

UFO Orb outside of the ISS getting the attention of the astronauts inside of the space station.

Filmed by the ISS live feed cameras, this UFO Tic Tac shaped UAP is getting a lot of attention from NASA.

This UFO Orb or officially called a UAP is flying erratically right outside of the ISS and it's caught on the live feed cameras trying to get the astronauts attention.

In otherwords, it's making it's presence known as anyone can see that it's trying to get the attention of the ISS occupant's.

So, what's our response to this obvious attempt from the Extraterrestrial craft to get our attention? Well, because there's only a minute or so of camera footage, we've got to only say what we see in the video. Nothing, that's exactly what we do, we totally ignore the UFO and do not make any effort to contact them back.

In my opinion though, after the video has stopped recording the ET and Astronauts might have had a general meet up, kind of like a "at last we meet" type of scenario? It might just be another routine meeting with the UAP or Tic Tac shaped UFO for all we know? But that UFO that's clearly outside of the ISS (International Space Station is definitely trying to get the attention of the astronauts inside the ISS capsule.

We've just allowed NASA by the way to set up an investigation or "study group" on UAPs which I've got to say is a complete dick move by the US Government. These are the guy's who do not communicate on UFOs, these are the same people that the US Government had to side step to release the UAP videos as NASA is literally not capable.

And the US Government knows it.

Every single UFO sighting that happened on the ISS live feed cameras, was deliberately turned off!

So why the 'F' would we want them crank's on the UAP study group's? They're literally the last agency on this planet that I'd trust with anything UAP! Even then I'd be saying "no, I really don't care if NASA is the last agency on Earth, please get rid of them from my sight."

Anyways, I've got to get off that subject about NASA because I just wind myself up.

The UFO in this video is literally what we've all been waiting for, it's not on Earth so drones "ruled out" and it's not another countries advanced aerial technology, it's in space.

Here's the video description from the Instagram account of Ufologopedroramirez, please share it if you can:

June 2022. A UFO appears below the ISS, with some "erratic" movements, it moves trying to attract the attention of the crew of the space station. UFO encounters outside the Earth's atmosphere are becoming more frequent, since the first trips to space, cosmonauts reported the presence of objects that closely followed each and every one of the missions, the aliens have created a " fence” space, to monitor missions, especially those of an arms nature, war purposes will not be allowed in space, subtly “they” have chosen space to show themselves to the scientific community, which has studied them in a “rational” way , and at times, they have been considered a threat. For several decades and since the moon landings, the Aliens sought a rapprochement with humanity, however, for dark purposes, their existence was denied. For several years I have assured that the first "Official" meeting could take place in space, in a no man's land, where there are no borders or human laws, only universal balance... It is time to believe.

Ufologopedroramirez Instagram  

It's translated into English from Spanish, it's not the best translation but I can't change it as that's editing the description which I will not do. We can make out the general just of the description which is good enough. All the information about this amazing UFO sighting is within the video.

Here's the Instagram post by Ufologopedroramirez Instagram account:

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Please can you share this post, thanks.

Credit: NASA/Ufologopedroramirez Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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