Single Handedly The Best UFO Sighting Filmed Over Raleigh NC

This is definitely by far "one of, if not the best UFO sighting" that I've seen certainly over North Carolina in the US.

Okay, where the heck do I start with this really bizarre looking UFO that's by the way NOT conforming to nothing that I know of?

Here's the most bizarre looking UFO sighting over North Carolina.

UFO sighting over North Carolina on Ten Ten Rd near Raleigh 27/10/22.

Bullseye! I've just found another video of this same UFO sighting over Raleigh NC. I actually wrote the post before I discovered this new 2nd video so I've added it at the bottom of the post.

I've literally written tens of thousands of articles, YouTube videos I've lost count and created 5 different websites over the years and luckily my greatest success is with UFO Sighting's Footage which has been voted number 1 for 3 year's running.

And I've never seen anything quite like this one, have you? It's not a drone because it's way to complicated for the drone types as it's well, it's just beyond them put it that way. It's drone types who like to fake UFO sightings then laugh at people for believing them.


I'll concede that it could be an elaborate hoax using four drones on the outside and one drone in the middle pulling a firework behind it?

It's been posted on the social media platform Instagram by UFOBrazilNetwork which I've got to admit, even though it's a friendly rivalry, this guy post's some of the best UFO sightings on his page.

UFOs surrounding an inner UFO with flames coming from it over Raleigh NC USA.

Most if not all UFO researchers must rely on people that send them UFO sighting's in that the public has caught on camera. But also we must constantly scour the internet and archives for UFO sighting's that stand out for whatever reason?

Personally I prefer the"hard to dismiss" UFO sighting's just like this one because it's these that I think provoke the best response. This one is definitely as sure as hell is down, very hard to dismiss.

Is it a Meteorite?

Is it a satellite on reentry into our atmosphere?

Dare I say it, is it is a doomed airplane flight?

People have been posting UFO sighting's literally going way back to the early day's of the internet. And believe me, I've just typed into Google search "UFO sighting's" and it just goes on and on with millions of results!

It's a never ending, never slowing down and ever growing genre. I've tried matching this particular UFO sighting to another similar one out there or if another person was filming this same UFO sighting at the same time but from a different angle?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

But there's nothing, I can't find anything else about this one? Other than it was filmed over Ten Ten Rd, Raleigh North Carolina US this is the only video of it. There's no date or time other than it was at night time obviously.

There's just a location with the video and to be honest with you guys, it really does not matter if we have any information with this UFO sighting. We've got the UFO sighting caught on camera and that's the bulk of the UFO sighting full stop in my own personal opinion.

This allows us to examine the UFO sighting in detail and hopefully fingers crossed, match it to another sighting elsewhere. I put a lot of emphasis on matching up UFO sightings because it not only cut's the likelihood of it being a hoax probably by 80 percent?

I don't think people travel hoaxing a UFO event. Yes, someone might fake one near where they live but I don't think people actually travel around faking a UFO sighting with a drone and candyfloss!

So it cuts the likelihood of it being a hoax if we can specifically match a UFO sighting up with another UFO sighting from elsewhere? That's why I think Google Len's is a really good piece of Ufology must have kit.

Then there's the awesome work done by the historian's who's going through every single book ever written and putting it all online.

So practically every single day we are having brand new journals put online from famous researchers in the past, private correspondence between people etc and every now and again a gem quality UFO sighting crops up.

The UFO sighting in this video is bizarre, it doesn't look like a Meteorite, it doesn't look like a shooting star and to be honest I'm struggling to liken it to anything else? I'd really appreciate your help with this UFO sighting please guy's.

Here's the Instagram video uploaded by UFOBrazilNetwork:

I've literally just found another video of this UFO sighting over Raleigh North Carolina Ten Ten Rd near Lake Wheeler. I'm so happy about finding this and it's from a totally different angle.

This is from a car perspective view which shows an absolute stunning UFO formation. Here's the extraordinary video, please enjoy:

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Credit: Alieninfo/UFOBrazilNetwork Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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