The Strangest UFO Sighting That Look's Extraterrestrial In Origin

This is hand's down the strangest UFO sighting that we will ever have the privilege of seeing.

I'm gonna go all out on this one because it's not a drone, and it's definitely not a balloon plus it's unique enough which makes me confident enough to say that it's Extraterrestrial in origin.

This is a fantastic UFO sighting over Pernambuco Brazil that occurred in December 2021.

This image above has 3 tiny white lights that are on it's underside facing Earth. These are periodically blinking which could be for communicating messages possibly?

I'm committing to that comment because it's about time that I did instead of saying that it's a half and half, 50/50 real or fake UFO sighting or there's a good possibility of it being a UFO.

This UFO is flying in the sky low enough for the cameraman to really catch a good enough view of it. He tries his hardest to stabilise the video focus which I've absolutely seen worse. He eventually does a good job of getting a decent amount of clear focused time.

The person who uploaded the video to Instagram has translated the words that we can hear in the video, into English words and here's what was said:

State of Pernambuco, Brazil from last year December 2021The one of the two eye-witnesses asked the man recording if it could be a drone.. then they quickly realize it’s far too high up to be one… It’s also important to note that the entire craft appears to be glowing a red/orange color. Thoughts/comments on what this could be?

It's actually a miracle that we've been given any information with this UFO sighting. Normally we don't have anything to go with the UFO sighting? It doesn't really matter if we have any information with the video but sometimes it is great and welcome. It will never stop me from writing about a particular UFO sighting unlike mainstream media outlets.

They must have information with a UFO sighting before they will write about it because otherwise they don't know what to write about? They normally go through the statistics of the area or reference another one in that area? Whereas I think the UFO sighting "itself" is enough to write a book about!

There's a few blinking lights on the underside of the UFO or the side that we're actually seeing at the time of the recording. It's an unusual looking UFO and I've never seen anything quite like this UFO sighting before, have you?

Seriously, I would like it if you could write a quick comment on it if you've ever seen a UFO sighting just like this or similar to this because not a lot of people actually do leave a comment. It'd be a nice change from the norm.

Here's the brilliant UFO sighting video:

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Credit: ufos.daily Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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