UFO Sneaked Past The ISS But Was caught On Camera

Here's the extraordinary moment when a UFO tries to sneak past the ISS in full view of it and on live camera feed, by the way this is the same people allowed to investigate the UAPs.

So, another UFO has made it Scott free to Earth without paying anything at the toll booth called the International Space Station!

The ISS live feed cameras picked up a UFO sneaking past the ISS.

A close up of the UFO sneaking past the ISS on live feed cameras.

It doesn't get better than the UFOs coming to you!

This UFO is long, rectangular in shape and it's definitely a very dark colour especially against the backdrop of the Earth. Seriously, this blooming beggar's belief in every sense of the word's unidentified flying object because it's literally allowed to waltz on past the first and last line of defence of the Earth.

I must admit that we've got the worst defense systems platform that hundreds of Billions if not Trillions of Dollars (all in) has bought! Okay from the outset it's always been a science laboratory but still, they chose to add cameras "for what reason" for the views I suppose?

An Instagram reel I created for this specific post, enjoy.

They even deliberately turn off the cameras when an unidentified flying object comes into view or passes by the ISS. That's not a guess, it's certainly not an opinion on what might be happening because that is from many, many examples of the ISS live feed cameras been turned off just after or just as a UFO comes into view.

Then we don't hear anything. Absolutely zero effort is put into investigating the object "not once has NASA investigated any of the object's which has appeared in the camera feed." So, why the hell have they been allowed to create a study group and look into the UAPs because they've shown a high degree of not wanting to in the past, is there a grant or millions of dollars up for grabs I wonder?

Because evidence of UFOs in the past hasn't been enough to entice them to form a study group? Something's obviously changed but it's not the presence of UFOs because they've been filmed at the ISS for a long time?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Seriously, to anyone looking in they might say "ah yes but they might have been dodgy video pixels or space debris" but the thing is, they never investigated it so it's to late. Why now, what's changed and it makes me wonder if there was a big fat monetary prize to set up a group? There's hundreds of examples, one offer the other of UFOs going past the ISS, and they haven't investigated any of them!

Even the US Government's Pentagon had to circumvent NASA and release the UAP videos because probably someone realized that NASA wasn't the best or reliable to do such a task what with their track record? Even though it was technically NASA's job to look for the existence of Extraterrestrial life in space?

They couldn't find it, even though the UAPs are on Earth that proves that the UAPs got past NASA cameras. Which we've been telling NASA that they have been going past the ISS for years if not over a decade now. These UAPs on Earth proves that we was correct! How else did the UAPs get here, teleportation from the Enterprise! Give me a break seriously!

I thought vindication because would feel great because we was correct but it doesn't feel good, it feels hollow. Until they (NASA) admit that they was actively covering up the countless UFOs passing by the ISS I think until then maybe, it feels now just like a hollow victory.

Still, we've got UFO disclosure under our collective belts so-to-speak and I suppose it's a still a massive step in the right direction, roll on Extraterrestrial disclosure "because someone or something made those UAPs and it wasn't us."

Here's the epic UFO sighting showing the craft sneak past the ISS:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/NASA ISS Live Feed/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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