Downtown Montreal, Canada UFO Sighting Reported To Myself Yesterday

Here's a fantastic UFO sighting that was filmed by the eye witness straight from their apartment balcony from downtown Montreal, Quebec in Canada.

It's a truly "strange sight of the night" to be on your own balcony obviously minding your own business and you see a UFO.

Amazing UFO sighting over Montreal, Quebec in Canada on the 6th November 2022.

An amazing UFO sighting over apartment building in Montreal Canada 6th November 2022.

This is a fantastic video showing a UFO flying at night time over downtown Montreal Quebec, in Canada in 2022.

Don't forget this is high up in the sky as we can't see the floor at all in fact it's dwarfing oth buildings opposite except for the building where the UFO is taking place over.

So, your minding your own business and you look out over the night time city centre to a UFO sighting taking place at the apartment building right opposite to yours!

Wtf is going on because it's not like it should be there right. If anything else "it's possible that it's illegal to fly drones in the city center" but I'll definitely look it up. Flying drones at night isn't safe and especially to be outside people's own homes, that's not normal or cool.

Here's why and I've also looked it up:

Canadian authorities allow tourists to fly drones under Transport Canada regulations. Transport Canada has issued a series of regulations for flying drones weighing more than 250 grams. Fly at night only with position lights on and within visual line of sight.


Look, I did think it was a drone at first and that clear but I'm not sure what to believe now to be honest with you? Basically you can fly a drone at night but it's got to be within line of sight. Is this within the line of sight, probably not but it seems to have the required light on?

I'm not saying that the eye witness is flying a drone but someone could be flying a drone and making people think that it's a UFO on purpose? Trying to trick people into thinking or actually believing that it's a bonafide real UFO sighting? It's a shame if that's what is happening but we just don't know either way?

Personally, I'd be looking up and around my own apartment building for signs of other UFOs. It's a blue type of light which you'd expect a drone to have a normal everyday "white light but not blue" and because of the brightness blurring out the camera, it really struggles to capture any actual shape behind the bright light. So that means it literally could be any shape I suppose?

It might not be the best UFO sighting because of the possibility of it being a drone, but because it's a totally unknown as of now that means it's a UFO until proven otherwise right? And that's by default as we just don't know what it is.

Here's the statement from the eye witness that came with the video:

If you zoom in a bit there’s a smaller light hovering around it.. and it kept disappearing and reappearing, and it went from on end to the other in a split second.. i don’t think a drone can do that..

Im not sure, you think a drone can flash a light bright like this one ? I’ve never seen one do that.. and usually they have a red and green light flashing.. and in the video you see the big light and a smaller one hovering right next to it which is weird if it were a drone..

It happened November 6th, 2022 @7:30 pm. Downtown Montreal.. my surroundings say it’s a ufo.. it wasn’t on the news, but probably because people don’t want to share their shots and then for them to say we’re crazy type of thing… but I know someone else saw it when it was hovering because they flashed a flashlight on it.. like you would see for Batman type of thing lol..

 Maria M

So, what do you think of the UFO sighting taking place over Montreal, Quebec in Canada on the 6th November 2022? It's a truly strange sight no matter what it is and guy's like I always say, keep your eyes in the sky because something is going on and it's definitely happening more with this type of thing.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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