People Out To Sea Think That They're Been Surrounded By 13 UFOs

Here's the video from the 31st of August, 1994 that show's us some 13 UFOs and they're all just in a line, hovering above the sea level.

The person who is filming this UFO event can be heard counting the UFOs aloud.

13 real looking UFOs possibly following a boat out at sea in August of 1994.

13 UFOs filmed by the eye witness following the boat in a line behind the vessel.

That's some spectacular views of all these many UFOs that are being filmed using (probably) the biggest shoulder mounted camera the world has ever seen!

In 1994 the "camcorder's which is referred to in the video was short for (camera recorder's) which even came with a seatbelt! Some would say that it's a shoulder strap to give you the ability to hold it better, but nah, that was a definite seatbelt because them camcorders were huge! They was extremely ugly and produced the worst kind of video that never lined up with the sound.

Anyhoo, getting back to the video. The 13 UFOs which look like they're just offshore at the beginning of the video. But as it get's further into the video it then becomes apparent and looks like there's nothing there and the people on the boat are just going out to sea. The camera pans around a little bit but there's nothing there to start with just empty ocean.

Right on the 2 minutes mark the camera guy is filming the back of the boat (as we can see the wake) and bam, there's all these UFOs lined up! It looks very, very daunting because it's out at sea! There's nothing that these guy's can do but call the coast guard. There's only the Sun out there for company and even that's setting leaving just the 13 UFOs behind with you.

And night time is fast approaching!

The person that's on filming duty even suggests that "they're been surrounded" by the UFOs. OMG can you imagine for a second being in that situation right there, with no land in every single direction! That's got to be honest to God, hand's down the worst situation... That's when all sorts of things start to go through the mind? He also said there was 7 lights at first and he definitely mentioned "call the coast guard."

So, it's gone from 7 UFOs to 13 UFOs and the people on the boat believe that the boat's been surrounded! That's gotta be the most scariest situation that you never want to be in, ever...

I couldn't imagine been in that situation and actually thinking or believing that I'm been surrounded by UFOs! Wow, that's not a good situation to be in for them.

Then it becomes apparent that they're trying to outrun these UFOs that are obviously lined up and coming towards these guy's on the boat? No wonder they're filming it all because it could be the last thing that could tell the people who find the boat, what actually happened to them on the boat. Now, take that into account and it quickly becomes very real and I certainly realised how scary of a situation that these guy's was in or what they really believed that they was in.

Here's the extraordinary and scary video once we take into account that the video is the last thing that these guy's must have thought they was doing to let people know what happened to them:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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