Triangle Shape UFO Report Happened Last Night

This is a great UFO sighting that's literally just happened last night and the eye witness has sent this in pretty much straight away.

Thanks for sending me this great UFO event and if anyone has any UFO sighting's that they've caught on camera then please send it to me through Facebook or Instagram.

Triangle shape UFO happened over India yesterday 22 November 2022.

Here's the extraordinary UFO sighting over India that shows a Triangle shaped UFO.

As you can see by the day of this fantastic UFO sighting it just happened only yesterday, last night to be exact so your first to see it.

Here's the details of the UFO sighting:

22nd of November, 2022.

9.37 pm.

Kularan, Tehsil samana, district patiala, punjab India.

Firstly when i see this its look like a star but no any movement in it and only one light. After 2-3 minutes it is moving and then it Look's like a triangle and there is three lights. Not any sound when it is moving. It has some other little object around it like little small round lights?

There's a lot of UFO sighting's happening around the world, people are filming them because practically everyone owns some sort of device with a camera. Maybe it's the reason why there's been a huge increase in UFO sighting's?

We just don't know what it is that's attracted the attention of the UFOs? Some people think it's because of the atomic and nuclear tests in the early stages of the cold war?

Some think radio signals and TV plus our light spectrum that our planet is giving off are the reasons for attracting the attention of "Extraterrestrial entities" to our planet?

That's how we look for signs of life on other planets, we or rather NASA engineer's examine the light spectrum coming from planet's in space and look at the chemical make up.

Here's a quote from Forbes website when they ran a post in June of 2021 regarding looking for life in space and talked about The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and what it does. It launched from Earth on the 25th December, 2021 at 12:20 pm GMT:

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), due to launch later this year, will be able to study the atmospheres of exoplanets as they transit their stars. The light coming through their atmosphere’s will reveal what gases they contain.

I'm referencing this because we can see light's on the UFO and I've found that a lot people are asking why does a UFO need light's on the outside of the craft? I suppose that they're looking at it in a car with headlight's kind of thing? Personally I think that the reason for the light's on UFOs is one of sensors, lasers for guidance, testing and analysis of it's surrounding because that leads on to my next belief which is why these craft's are here?

We're under surveillance which is EXACTLY what we will do if The James Webb Space Telescope discovers a planet with life.

We will not ignore it and we certainly will not alert them straight away to our having seen them. We will continue to watch them. That's exactly what is happening to us!

It makes complete sense and I'll tell you why it makes complete sense. Because it's what we are doing, it's the natural process of detect, learn and watch. We can't say it's a bad thing for these UFO crafts to be watching us because that's what we will do when we detect a planet with life.

We've done it on a small scale by crashing a probe onto a comet and as it happened we got an extraordinary amount of data as it did crash into the comet, then a satellite went past and examined the plume of particles it threw up.

Sensors are "king" in space because without them we cannot do anything!

So, back to the light's on the UFO craft...

It really could be sensor's emitting a light and continuesly gathering the information contained in the light as it reflects back to it's receiver. Try explaining that in a comment to someone who's asking "why has a UFO got light's on it" it's like, I could explain it but it would take it's own blog post to explain it.

The UFO in the video is triangular in shape and it's been filmed by just one eye witness. If you can translate what is being said in the video please comment in the comments section below and let us know if it's possible, thank you in advance.

Here's the extraordinary video:

Please share your thoughts and opinions on this UFO sighting, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Forbes/Harry Sharma/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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