Japanese UFO Sighting Over Highway Flies Behind Tree's

What's happening here is way to big to be a drone, it's got no sound coming from it and there's no light's on it.

These are all good signs which point's to this being real what do you think about this one because here's what I think.

UFO sighting over Japan November 2022.

UFO sighting over Japan November 2022 and filmed from a passing car.

Here's a fantastic video showing a flying saucer in light November of 2022 videos from a car passing by it near Kasukabe outside Tokyo.

Just outside of Tokyo in Japan is Kasukabe, a guy filmed a UFO or Flying Saucer emanating light.

It flies behind the tree's and street lights which are all good signs pointing to it being a real UFO sighting. Hoaxers don't put thing's in the screen like that as it's to much work for them.

It flies in from the left of the screen, the witness get's onto it straight away though and is filming it "non stop" but then it goes behind the huge sign and eventually behind the tree's and street lights and vanishes.

It's definitely a Flying Saucer, I've studied that clip for a while! It's definitely silent and hasn't got anything remotely like propulsion systems to keep it flying and in the air come to think about it. That's a real UFO in my opinion. It's as near as to 100 percent put it that way.

Will we ever get to see the radar for this one, we are going to have to see? But I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one.

Here's the video description:

Brilliant UFO visiting Japan.

First in Spanish:

Noviembre 2022. Mientras el Volcán Monte Sakurajima, registra una fuerte explosión, una “Nave de luz” es captada en Japón. La actividad Ovni no cesa en el lejano Oriente, una vez más es captada una nave de luz, en pleno corazón de Tokio, mientras la actividad volcánica comienza a manifestarse con gran intensidad.

El disco volador, fue captado desde un automóvil en movimiento, se puede apreciar claramente su forma discoidal, el ovni se encuentra completamente iluminado, dejándose ver por al menos unos segundos antes de desaparecer.

Los seres que tripulan estas naves, se han manifestado en todo el mundo, su aspecto “angelical”, los ha hecho ser considerados como seres “celestiales”, sin embargo, a pesar de su profundo mensaje “espiritual”, se trata de seres extraterrestres, esto quedaría confirmado, con el encuentro que el Papa Juan XXIII, tuvo en los jardines del Vaticano en 1961, donde el mismo sumo pontífice, se arrodilló ante el ser que emanaba una luz dorada, creyendo que se trataba de un evento “Divino”, sin embargo el ser se acercó a él y estuvieron conversando durante 20 minutos aproximadamente, al regresar a donde se encontraba el único testigo de este encuentro, Su Santidad Juan XXIII dijo: “Los Hijos De Dios están en todas partes, aunque algunas veces tenemos dificultad en reconocer a nuestros propios hermanos”…. Es momento de creer.

Now in English:

November 2022. While the Mount Sakurajima Volcano records a strong explosion, a "Ship of Light" is captured in Japan. UFO activity does not stop in the Far East, once again a ship of light is captured, in the heart of Tokyo, while volcanic activity begins to manifest with great intensity.

The flying disc was captured from a moving car, its discoidal shape can be clearly seen, the UFO is completely illuminated, allowing itself to be seen for at least a few seconds before disappearing.

The beings that man these ships have manifested themselves throughout the world, their "angelic" appearance has made them be considered "celestial" beings, however, despite their deep "spiritual" message, they are extraterrestrial beings.

This would be confirmed with the meeting that Pope John XXIII had in the Vatican gardens in 1961, where the same pontiff knelt before the being that emanated a golden light, believing that it was a "Divine" event.

However, the being approached him and they talked for approximately 20 minutes. Upon returning to where the only witness to this encounter was, His Holiness John XXIII said: "The Children of God are everywhere, although sometimes we have difficulty in recognizing our own brothers”….

It is time to believe.


After reading the Japanese text in the highway signs I was able to determine where this amazing UFO sighting took place, here's the text from the blue highway sign:

Saitama 50

Kasukabe 21

So it's 50 KM (Kilometres) to Saitama and the nearest place was 21 Kilometres away which was Kasukabe. It's right over the sign post for these places which it looks like a Flying Saucer. This on the outer part of Tokyo which I know has seen a lot of UFO sighting's while eruptions happen at it's volcanos.

This happened in Japan above a busy highway and the eye witnesses was filming it from a car and unlike any given typical UFO sighting they wasn't focussed on the UFO but instead on driving. Some passengers seem to be more animated than other's while the drivers are more calmer.

So, what type of UFO is this and is it a flying saucer or is it just an everyday unknown craft? You can see how numb I'm getting to UFO sighting's because I must be seeing over 20 or 30 a day. That's just researching UFOs and not what people are sending in.

I saw this and I thought to myself, Google Lens will definitely be able to give us a location what with Google Maps etc and this been just under the signs on a highway it will be able to identify the exact place no problems!

But, it's only been able to give us the writing from the sign which isn't to shabby, right? A bit of software that can read any language and translate it into my own language which is English. I know it's been around for some years now, but it's still pretty cool.

Here's the really good UFO sighting video uploaded to Instagram by ufo_life_ please enjoy:

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this please share them with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: ufo_life_ Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. It is definitely a 👽 UFO! I don't believe regular people can produce a video that looks that real. It's obvious that aliens from other worlds are here observing and even interacting with the human race.


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