UFO Takes Out A Rocket As It Flies Right Next To It

I've looked up this UFO sighting till I was numb in the fingertips and I can't find where this took place at all anywhere online.

I've tried Google Lens with matching up a screenshot of the UFO and missile or rocket (rocket I'll go with) and it's literally brought back nothing!

UFO shoots rocket out of the sky in old video.

It's an old style video that catches this UFO taking out the rocket.

It stands to reason that we don't actually see the laser because just like the lasers which the military are working on we don't actually see the light it uses. But in the TV show reenactments we could see the laser as it was for the audience's benefit. A bit like in the old Bat mobile it wrote Bat phone and oil slick etc, it's telling the audience what it is. But in reality, we don't see that.

I've tried all the keywords relating to rockets and UFOs etc to no avail. It was uploaded to Instagram by ufo_globalitalia account. Normally there's something at least about a UFO sighting of this calibre but nope, absolutely nothing.

If you know anything about this UFO sighting please can you share it with us in the comments, I'd appreciate it. That's why I write these post's, it's to further my own personal information on this genre and at the same time, we all learn about UFOs.

I remember seeing a TV show on a UFO sighting that apparently shot a laser at the rocket which subsequently it erupted and disarming the rocket type of missile. It fell out of the sky (the rocket) with the UFO flying off. That was a reenactment of the UFO event which was a dramatisation for the TV show that was talking about the UFO sighting.

That was just a visualization of what actually happened on the day and people actually thought that the graphic design or the animation if you like "people thought it was real" but I'm wondering if this is the original video footage of the UFO sighting and because I can't find anything else about this piece of UFO footage as it's only just come to light?

They didn't have the original video of the UFO firing a laser at the rocket so the TV show decided to re-enact the UFO event which makes sense to me.

That makes perfect sense because I cannot find it anywhere else online. Which could mean that this has only just come to light and it's why I can't see it uploaded to anywhere...

What's your thoughts on this bit?

Guy's I've uploaded it to my Instagram account and here's the extraordinary video:

If you have any questions or thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: ufo_global Italia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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