Bizarre Looking UFO Filmed From Moving Car In Netherlands, November 2022

The skies are alive with the UFO sighting's and the Netherlands is no exception to this rule.

November of 2022 is probably one of the most memorable months in 2022 for unbelievable looking UFO sighting's and I don't mean literally unbelievable as in it's made of plastic in China.

The moment a bizarre looking UFO is filmed from a car in November of 2022 in the Netherlands.

Strange shaped UFO filmed from a car in November in Netherlands 2022.

The most bizarre looking UFO doesn't mean that we shouldn't report on this or dismiss it because we don't like the look of it.

They film the strange UFO as they speed pas it on the freeway (motorway) in November, 2022.

If we don't feature these UFO sighting's then nobody will because mainstream media won't entertain it. That's why it's important that we don't pick and choose. A UFO sighting is a UFO sighting.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I mean unbelievable as in these UFO sighting's are mind blowing and as soon as I see them it bring's in the more important questions about life. What's inside of these thing's? Who or what could have created such a craft? These are flying over Europe and in particular this one's flying over a freeway in the Netherlands!

This is tightly controlled airspace so how's it even get to this point of mainland Europe? It definitely does not look natural so what do we rule in and rule out? It could have been recently set off or it's not even unnatural and it's a hoax?

Is it flying along or hovering? The car's traveling beneath it and so if it's moving we just can't tell because as he's driving along the witness seems to be zooming in to the craft. This makes it near impossible to tell the difference between it flying or it hovering. It's a shame as well because it's a large craft. It's got unusual shapes sticking out from the sides of this odd shaped UFO.

I've only ever seen a UFO sighting similar to this one once but that one wasn't in any doubt as to what that one was. I always post the UFO sighting's that cannot be guaranteed one way or the other and there's a reason for this, it's so that we can get a debate going in the comments section.

The amount of people who comments on these types of UFOs is important to me and Ufology because there's enough people and we always have some of the most unique ways to look at any given UFO sighting. That's awesome, plus it's taken year's to build up a great reader base. Thanks in advance for your comments on this post, I appreciate it.

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Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to my own Instagram account @ufosightingsfootage:

Credit: UFOs_nr.1 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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