Craft Caught On NASA's Metric Mapping Camera

Some UFOs are round and and some are rectangular shape but none look so Alien as this Y shape UFO does.

NASA's Metric Mapping Camera was snapping away when it came in direct contact with this bizarre looking Y shape UFO.

Here's a fantastic UFO sighting during the Apollo 17 mapping mission.

Unbelievable UFO sighting from Apollo 17 mapping Camera.

There's no preparation for anyone to come this close to an unknown origin possible Extraterrestrial craft.

At first I thought it was a hair on the lens but it's not in any subsequent photos so that definitely puts that theory of it been a hair, to bed.

So what is it?

What's stalking the Moon and it looks like it's noticed the Apollo 17 because it's on the Mapping Camera! It's so abundantly clear and obvious that NASA has come into contact with Extraterrestrial craft's on numerous occasions but still suggests that it needs money to look for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space. Maybe that's the key to why NASA doesn't admit to coming into contact with ET because it's not good for business.

It's like big pharma only wants to sell medication for the effects of disease and not disease prevention because it's bad, really bad for business! I believe that it's worth over 1.5 Trillion every year to big pharma? Treatment for the effects of a disease are worth it's weight in gold. If they treat the disease and eradicate a disease it's not good for business.

Does that really go on I hear you ask? I suggest you do a tiny fraction of research. A couple of keywords will suffice on that one.

There's actually another 2 UFOs seen in the same Apollo 17 Mission! Here's the image of it:

Apollo 17 UFO seen twice.

Here's the link to UFO Sighting's Daily which talks about the video uploaded by Streetcap1 to YouTube. You should check it out 

Getting back on track, AS17-M-0939 Metric Mapping Camera.

It was while the Apollo 17 was mapping using it's camera that it snapped the UFO. Is there actual Aliens onboard it or is it a drone like a satellite?

You make your own mind up.

The Metric mapping Camera Apollo 17 Rol:M shot 0939.

This is lunar security those usually are parked on the surface.

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Credit: NASA Metric Mapping Camera/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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