Large Grey Unknown Craft Flying Past Airplane Over Poland

This all took place right over Poland while a couple was returning from a holiday just a couple of years ago.

One of the holiday makers was filming out of the airplane window (as we all do) and low and behold, possibly one of the most amazing UFO sighting's happened.

Grey military like craft filmed from the window of an airplane over Poland.

Poland saw a massive grey UFO filmed from an airplane window.

This is definitely a craft, it's the origins and purpose and I suppose owners, that's what I'd like to know more about?

I'm looking at this and I'm immediately thinking about the military because the military (US in particular) has been developing all sorts of unimaginable aerial vehicles like flying saucers and unmanned aerial vehicle's. The likes of which are triangular shapes, half circles, flying wing's, drones that actually have moving wings, craft's that can take multiple different fuel's and heavy fuels including hydrogen fuel cells although that doesn't seem like much, or even exciting and you'd be right because it's actually old technology.


What has been developed in secret, for advanced manouvering capabilities and advanced aerial combat technologies like stealth, immediate actions and speed.

Recently trans-medium object's wouldn't surprise me if it originated in some facility right here on Earth "would it surprise you?" I specifically say right here on Earth because now that we've had UAP disclosure, even though the US Government won't go one step further and say where exactly or where they believe that these UAPs are coming from.

I will say it because I have that luxury just like you do, to read between the lines and it seems that they're coming from outside of this planet. But, looking at the grey military like craft just nonchalantly strolling past this commercial aircraft, it looks like the Government (US and probably the UK) have more than likely been trying to get the upper hand in not just finance and everything else but "exotic technology?" Who knows what has been done in some top secret laboratory with the top mind's of the planet, the most ingenious of people who have no qualms about expressing themselves or flexing their enormous amounts of capabilities especially when they have funding to the tune of "never ending, blank cheque" type funding!

What would come from such a genius with unlimited access to money, technology, other brains, helpers, enablers and machinery, sophisticated anything and professional equipment of every kind?

What would come from such a situation?

Probably nothing good!

Here's an analogy:

They'd be like a ship with an engine and a rudder, the enablers could steer it in any direction they wanted or needed? Especially if said "ship" has no conscience.

It was uploaded to YouTube by Slapped Ham which is a popular YouTube channel. Guy's it's limited information on this UFO sighting as it's filmed from the window of an airplane. It's actually a massive grey craft that could be of an otherworldly nature. Ufology simply means interpretation.

Here's the epic UFO video which is actually a top 10 UFO sighting video, it's not in the order I'd have it, but still great UFO sighting's nonetheless:

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Credit: Slapped Ham YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. So #1 clearly shows that the "Tic-Tac" objects that we see all over the world, are drones - which is what i think are making the crop circlel!!!


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