Buzz Aldrin Say's Here He Observed Something Outside Craft

Buzz Aldrin Say's Here He Observed Something Outside Craft

The moment when an astronaut yell's out "hey what's that" and there's a bogey, plus he later say's "there they go" meaning that they're leaving.

Whatever you think is happening in space or on the Moon, around the Moon and on Earth to some extent, probably isn't what you think?

Buzz Aldrin tells us about the UFOs they saw outside of the module.

UFOs are around the Moon and astronauts saw them.

Here's NASA own images showing UFOs are real and on the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin, from his own word's he tells us they saw something outside of the module.

There's a definite Extraterrestrial footprint (so-to-speak) as now that we've had UAP disclosure, looking back at the strange Lunar surface moments when astronauts yelled out, I'm seeing things a lot different now than what I used to!

Thing's change, time is a lens correction and with all the disclosure that we've been having over the last 5 - 6 years, these seemingly innocent misinterpretations of styrofoam aerial materials or dried ice and particles shimmering in the glare of the Sun, these all come into focus.

Then there's the astronauts declaration's after the facts to fellow whistleblowers and people standing up to the top brass of NASA that have no qualms about telling the world exactly what they've been told! And then there's the mind blowing anouncements including "off the record talks" that have such stories which basically is a retelling of what we thought we saw and heard from the official version.

This video is absolutely eye opening!

There's information in this video which is being told by the NASA engineer's who was there! 8t doesn't get any better than that because it literally cannot get any better than that. These was the people who was there and who have the astronauts ear.

We're privileged to have these brave people stand up and tell the world what really happened because let's face it, there's thousands and thousands of NASA workers all of whom are quite prepared to go along with the charade! Actually scratch that, they want to go along with it for whatever reason "who knows" maybe it's a case of them having a secret which only they know making it some warped insider gang?

But one thing that I do know is that if it's all a lie, the disclosure of UFOs on the Moon and Extraterrestrials in craft's then because a lot of people are coming forward with this, if it's not true then there's a real problem with mental health at NASA. Is that why NASA doesn't comment on such claims because it's a case of no matter what they say, it's either true or mental health because they (NASA) employed these guy's.

Personally, I don't believe in mass mental health issues of the same topic based on the same people at NASA based on the same missions with the same advanced technology all encapsulated within the same Government building. That's way to many uncanny event's and aligned stories for it to be a lie or even a hoax.

See, once we start to tally up the stories and the claim's, we put the times and the event's together and what we get is a very specific message, not just said by one person or claimed by a person. We actually have a whole host of timeline event's which can all be corroborated by independent research.

I believe that it's called "the truth."

Here's the transcribed video, wrote in word's:

Okay, what are those things going over. Hey, something just hit here!

I heard Houston and an astronaut communication, comm link. I didn't pay much attention to it until I heard the word "bogey."

Course my years per picked up immediately an unidentified flying object of some sort whether it was a craft, meteorite or whatever was on a collision course with that module going in a loop around the moon. So basically I listened for some time and then I stopped and went back to work.

And then I heard them go on about another incident "there they go."

I knew someone in quarantine with the apollo astronauts and he told me that the apollo astronauts saw a craft on the Moon and when we landed there!

But by far the most damning evidence of all the testimonials is the actual witness himself who was there Buzz Aldrin:

There is something out there that was close enough to be observed and erm, what could it be?

This is by far the best disclosure under the Sun! It's straight from the horse's mouth, like "thee horses mouth" it's by an easy mile - the most damning evidence that shows us (from the astronauts and engineers themselves) that yes indeed we are not alone in the universe.

Here's the most extraordinary video which you'll be so glad that you are aware exists:

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Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/Zeta3reticulai Instagram/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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