Night Vision Camera Films A Mothership UFO With Lot's Of Orbs Around It

This is why UFOs can't be hidden away in some obscure part of the light spectrum!

The best part to this unbelievable, stunning, mind blowing video is with 5 second's left to go on the video.

Mothership and many UFOs Around It Caught On Night vision camera.

White Mothership UFO over trees.

UFO Mothership has many UFO Orbs around it.

Gone are the day's of suppressed UFO craft's in our skies, we have the technology to detect it ourselves!

These UFOs can't hide anymore in parts of the light spectrum. Read on you'll find out why.

The full video is in my view why I absolutely love to write and learn more and more about our own backyard and "our" as in mankind's universe.

Because it's ours, right! Or is it...

We most certainly have neighbours in the universe and because by default we're conceding that another entity might have claim to it, is this why the Governments of the world are not accepting or acknowledging their presence...

Is this why Alien believer's get a hard time from the Government? Admitting that another entity might have a claim to what is rightfully ours?

Although most people know it deep down, when you see videos like this it only strengthens that belief that there are other's. There's definitely UFO Orbs that are following this very long and glowing white UFO. We even see UFOs flying by this main Cigar shaped UFO (it's a white tubular shaped craft).

It seems bizarre to say that UFOs cannot hide anymore which they really can't because we have cameras that can see in most parts of the light spectrum. Let's just take the UAP videos as an example, all of them was filmed in the Infrared part of the light spectrum, if you looked you'd see nothing! That's why the UAP videos are in black and white because it's been filmed in Infrared.

Video description:

Mothership in night vision camera. UFO sighting from a night vision camera that records in addition to a huge mothership, several UFOs are also seen passing very close to it, an incredible video enjoy every moment...

The US Navy Jet pilot's was flying along and they just so happened to turn on the Flir cameras (Forward Looking Infrared) and low and behold there's UFOs hidden in our atmosphere right near the Nimitz and the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carriers!


So, you best believe that it's very possible, no, it's highly likely that these UAPs are "still around somewhere?" Because the US pilot's did not catch them.

So where the hell are they?

Nobody even talks about this, the Navy pilot's never caught them, we know that these are real so where the blooming hell are these?

Why aren't they on the most wanted list?

In fact they couldn't even catch up to them. For all we know, these UAPs didn't even notice the US Navy Jet's following them?

They most likely did realise that the US Navy Jet's where following them but it's not entirely out of the realms of probability. See all the good, juicy information about the UAPs and what the US Government knows about UAPs is in the small print. And, UFO sighting's in general is all in the small print so-to-speak.

We know that UFOs are real, we don't know what or where they're from. But they exist and that's a fact.

If you're looking to become a Ufologist that goes out filming the night sky you must have a night vision camera it's obvious and preferably a telescope with a camera mount. Preferably an Infrared camera.

Here's the difference between night vision cameras and thermal cameras (infrared);

Difference Between Night Vision and Thermal Imaging. Night vision works by amplifying nearby visible light. Thermal imaging works by using infrared sensors to detect differences in temperatures of objects in its line of sight.

The video here is being filmed by Anthony Esemplare. It states in the video that this long tube shape UFO is of a ECETI Mothership.

We do see multiple UFOs in this video and I could definitely see a UFO trailing the main Cigar UFO. At one point we see a UFO in front of the main one as well. There's a lot to analyze in this video.

Here's the extraordinary video and I can't stress enough how fantastic this is from the start to the finish. The best part is 5 second's from the end when a UFO literally just appeared from nowhere:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I am going to suggest that this is a recent Starlink deployment, that is why they seem like one long line, they are very close together, the distance of the camera makes them look like one long "pipe. As you noted, there are other ones before and after the "mothership". I bet if you look at Starlink passes for where/when this vid was taken, I'd say 99% chance that you will see it is just a Starlink train. It is a cool video, but until the Starlink possibility is ruled out, it's not conclusive to say it is a mothership.

    1. I’ve seen this same thing and it’s not starlink. I’ve also seen many spacex launches and many starlink trains so I’m very familiar with those and it’s not what this is. I don’t know what it is but not a satellite train. The one I saw was probably at 30,000 feet and not making a sound. It looked exactly like this but not as bright. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen.


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