UFO Sighting Was Filmed Over Buddha Statue In South Korea | MUFON

Here's an interesting UFO sighting that was caught in the act of just been here when it shouldn't be, it was flying over a Buddha statue in Sokcho-si, South Korea.

The person who is videoing it caught a perfect example of a silver metallic, Flying Saucer in the sky.

This is the best UFO sighting over South Korea flying over Buddha statue.

There's a real sense that this is a real UFO sighting because there's no video which I'd say probably 80 or 90 percent of probable fake UFO sighting's are video one's.

It's actually not to high but just high enough so that it will inevitably look blurred when zoomed in to it.

It's always the case because if anyone zooms into a UFO that's not that high up, because the cameras zooming in to the UFO can't add anything, all it can do is lose pixels which basically means that it loses quality. If it was HD then after zooming into the UFO it looks blurred.

People instantly latch onto this blurriness of UFO images and think that people are hiding behind the blurriness but actually in hindsight, if someone was faking a UFO sighting they'd create a HD photo or HD video showing a UFO that anyone can see. They'd do that to take away any suspicion of it being a hoax! It makes complete sense to me, how about you?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

So the next time we see a blurred UFO sighting, there's the good chance that it is a genuine UFO sighting because when someone pulls out a smartphone to video a UFO, they don't have time to focus in on the UFO and hence it's a great thing t see a blurred UFO -taking into account other elements I grant you, but nonetheless it's a good indicator of it being untouched by hoaxers!

Silver metallic UFO sighting over South Korea in 2022.

South Korea has seen a uptick in UFO sighting's especially because it's a truly technologically advanced country. If UFOs are interested in human activity then these types of places are valued targets. Places like the USA, Japan, South Korea, UK, European mainland. In fact let's do away with speculation and get the factual list.

Countries that are the most technologically advanced:

1, Singapore

2, Japan

3, South Korea

4, Germany

5, USA

6, Israel

7, China

8, Finland

9, Canada

10, United Kingdom

And low and behold which countries have the most UFO sighting's every year? It's a bit surprising but the United States is the number one country that has the most UFO report's each year which I'll be adding the source of these statistics in the bottom of this post.

Here's the list; the most reports are made from USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Scandinavian nations.

Here's the MUFON quick quote:

Date of sighting: Oct 10, 2022.

Location of sighting: Sokcho-si, South Korea.

Source: MUFON.

Eyewitness states: Observer had taken three shots (facing Northwest) of the Buddha statue at 09:45:31, 09:45:32 and 09:45:51. Silver metallic disk type UFO is observed in the second shot taken at 09:45:32.

Guy's, this video below isn't the video I'm writing about but instead it's actually another Flying Disk UFO filmed in South Kore so I thought that I'd add it because it's in the same area of the world as the Flying Saucer over the Buddha statue.

Check this out which was uploaded to YouTube by Crazybreakingnews channel:

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Source of statistics of most UFO sighting's by country: Quora.

Credit: MUFON/UFO Sighting's Daily/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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