Structure's And UFOs In Apollo Video Huge Round Spheres

Strange structures and UFOs on the Moon filmed during the Apollo's Moon Landings and yet I'm fighting to dismiss it.

What's your immediate thought's on this because I instantly thought that there's no way that it's real, but then I asked myself why, what makes it unreal!

Round sphere UFO filmed on the Moon by astronaut during Apollo Moon mission.

Huge obelisks and round sphere UFOs filmed during the Apollo Moon Mission.

I really want to believe, so I'm not just going to dismiss stuff because I don't like the look of it as the only thing that can dismiss it is evidence and not guessing.

In the video (below, bottom) we actually see a row of four UFO spheres and as the video goes on we start to see huge stone obelisks which could suggest that there was once ancient life on the Moon.

I'm researching UFO sighting's for personal knowledge. A kind of mission (if you like) to get answers for me - to the stuff which is bigger than anything on this planet! And so I asked myself "why do I wanna just dismiss it without understanding it?" I didn't even have an answer to that, so that's when I instantly knew this is my next project.

Was there life on the Moon?

The evidence from many different types of mission's and Earth bound telescopes would suggest that indeed yes there is and was life on the Moon.

I'd be searching blindly if my efforts where "a quick glance and that's it." For me it's about looking into the UFO stuff no matter what? Fighting the urge to dismiss UFO sighting's based on nothing! Because it doesn't look right, see how crazy it sounds? Because it doesn't look right lol.

Just because I instantly thought it was a CGI animation made to look real doesn't mean it is, right?

A lot of people will see this and think why's that here, or don't tell me this person thinks it's a real Moon video? To be honest, I'm posting this and labelling it as plausible until someone can give a definite answer to this being a hoax other than "it looks fake." Because that's not an answer!

We basically don't know that it's a hoax and to be honest with you, why can't it be real? I'll tell you why, because we never get to see some good clear footage or HD videos of UFOs and the Moon. That's why we're so negative when it comes to anything that is clear footage.

It's too good to be true saying is actually just a guess.

That's what a lot of people like to fall back on (a default setting if you want) because it's an easy way to answer something by guessing that it's a hoax. It's something that can't be answered without a lot of research. So it's a very lazy answer.

It's personal research so I'm going to do the best I can to determine what exactly is going on?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

This could be real, if it's not real then someone has spent a lot of money for nothing! And I know this world, nobody spends money for nothing! It's had 4.1K views in 9 whole years! Not bad returns (if adverts are on for the video - sarcasm) because for 4.1K views we're talking about $10 just ten Dollars for 9 whole years!

So no, I don't think it's a hoax or at least it's not for profit on YouTube. I've not seen anything that suggests it it's a hoax, have you? Can you point out anything that suggests it's a hoax to me?

There's huge obelisks on the Moon and could suggest Alien's was there.

The Chinese Moon Rover filmed huge obelisks which could suggest that in ancient times on the Moon there was life.

If it's a real place or location where the "maybe hoax" was filmed then the money is gonna start racking up especially renting a Lunar Rover and the life sized sculptures of obelisks (stone pillars) and the set design alone would cost a heap of cash. That's my argument for this being plausible which is basically to throw it back and say prove it's not real, lol. What's good for the Goose is good for the Gandar and that's literally just the way it is!

Here's the bizarre video:

If you have any thoughts on this please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please, share this post with others, thanks.

Credit: UFOvni/Rasim Soysert YouTube Channel/NASA Apollo Moon Mission/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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