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I've been seeing these animals walking around in circles in many news outlet's from around the world, every single day I'm seeing another example.

At first I just saw bird's walking in circles but they had an excuse as there was a bird motionless on the floor in the centre.

Nostradamus prophecies of animals walking around in circles in the world.

Animals walking in circles around the world.

The Bird's seemed to walking in a circle in tribute to a friend?

Are these animals walking in circles simulating an actual clock to tell humans that time is running out? Well, that's just one theory of many.

It's certainly a good theory but that all hinges on animals been aware of clock's, maybe... It could be an innate ability with an urge to recreate a clock and to walk clockwise without even knowing it.

Is time really running out "really" for mankind or is it easily explained?

These animals have been filmed walking for 14 day's without water and or food according to the middle video below.

Regarding the Bird's that was walking around in a circle around another fallen friend, that was a very bizarre video because it showed Bird's exhibiting human like behaviour of mourning.

It was a clear mourning for a fallen comrade definitely, I have no doubt about it and yes it was probably the creepiest thing I'd seen in at least 10 year's, that's why I remember it. But then I'm starting to notice Elk, Deer, Sheep, Fish and Horses plus even Caterpillars and the list goes on "for real" there's a lot more.

Just look them up "animals walking around in circles" and you'll soon see how just one video cannot ruin this whole phenomena!

What I mean by that is there was some reindeers walking around in a circle said to be from 2022 in Russia or China I think but someone looped a video and passed it off as a recent one but they'd changed the date. That can't be full cause to dismiss it all outright (can it) because of just one video lol. This phenomena goes way back centuries and apparently it was even mentioned in the Nostradamus prophecies?

Did he experience it as well or could he actually see the future? It's certainly an argument.

Here's the extraordinary video explaining it, so when people say it's a hoax, please refer to the Nostradamus prophecies from over 500 year's ago where he is giving us a prophecy of animals walking in circles:

Is it the Earth's magnetic field changing, is it a glitch in the Matrix? Or is it animals way of communicating with human beings with a message of impending doom? Is it a recent phenomena, is there evidence of this type of thing happening in other places in the world?

In this video just below it shows animals in China walking in a circle for 14 day's it says in the video:

But, what history and this modern day phenomena is lacking in, is an answer, a solid bona-fide answer that is acceptable to science and conspiracy truthers?

Well, rationality dictates that indeed yes there must be an answer either individually because each example is different or yes there's an answer for all of these strange event's.

Just check out the extraordinary video below because it explains a hell of a lotm

Groups of horses, ants, and even orcas are being seen going around in perfect circles for several days without apparent reason.


Ants are known for getting lost and they follow the chemical cues left from the Antbin front only for it to have added it's cue to an earlier one and another etc with an unsuspecting "circle" occuring resulting in a... Wait for it because this is absolutely mind blowing!

The endless march of death!

Going nowhere, but in a circle around and around all the while constantly replenishing the chemical cues to the ants behind making the Ant behind him/her believe that they're actually on a new fresh track, home!

See this link (Wikipedia for more):

An ant mill is an observed phenomenon in which a group of army ants are separated from the main foraging party, lose the pheromone track and begin to follow one another, forming a continuously rotating circle, commonly known as a "death spiral" because the ants might eventually die of exhaustion.

That's about as much as I really want to think about that but for the sake of knowledge I'll tell it briefly. 10 days marchig till it's inevitable excruciating pain and subsequent closure of it's peepers.


Here's a video of the ant spiral:

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Credit: ANews/Nostradamus/Wikipedia/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Everyone saying Nostradamus predicting this animal behavior, fails to provide any references. it does not seem to have any truth to it.


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