Flying Saucer In 1950's Or 1960's Hangar With Hieroglyphs All Over It

I have to post about this Flying Saucer in an hangar even though I've already written about it but I didn't post that piece and here's why.

I dismissed the first piece that I'd already written, even though I pretty much had it all wrote and it was ready to go.

A sideways view of a top secret UFO or Flying Saucer Inside an airplane hangar.

A screenshot of a Flying Saucer in a hangar shows a secret a possible UFO that is real.

Screenshot of the Flying Saucers doorway which is open.

Snapshot of a Flying Saucer outside of an unknown airplane hangar in the US.

This astounding Flying Saucer just above in this image is in the video (second from the bottom of this post).

The other 3 images above top are from the video at the very bottom of this post. You'll see that it is quite literally covered from head to foot in epic "Alien looking hieroglyphic symbols." That's gotta be a first time that I've seen anything like this which looks so real?

It was a post on Twitter that got my attention as it's a head turner for anyone interested in Ufology? Also because it's from a favourite "tweeter" of mine that has a lot of newly released UFO sighting's so anyways, they'd updated the video which said "SOLVED it's a art presentation."

It's a great place to get a first hand experience look in, so-to-speak of newly released UFO sightings and other great UFO anomalies. Some people have a great network of followers who send in any UFO sighting's that might be filmed.

I saw this video from December 12th on Think Tank Twitter media page and it read "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this - does anyone have it" in the captions?

I instantly thought OMG that's real, and everyone in the comments section was like minded, of the same opinion. Yes there's a lot of sarcastic comments on Twitter and the likes but it's partly anonymous so it's always gonna bring out the horrible nature in people.

So, me being me I just started writing about this "what I thought was an amazing Flying Saucer" and it still does look amazing! It's the hieroglyphics on the side of the craft that sends it over the edge. Straight away I decided (after I'd written about it) to go see if there's anything else I'd left out information wise? So I goes back but now another post has appeared from yesterday 14th December (actually say's 13hrs ago as an update - at the time of writing this) but now it's title has changed to this:

SOLVED | It's an art piece at an exhibition.

And, so while this is a fantastic video showing what looks like to me, a real Flying Saucer, seriously I want to know if it's really an art presentation, installation of an artist's work? Because as you'll agree word's are literally just word's and because everyone's got words, I don't take anything at face value at all.

I want to know if this is really an art installation or not because it seems to good to be honest with you? There's a lot of time and effort and unknowns regarding this and I for one don't like to walk away from something like a UFO sighting or a craft that's supposedly in a hangar without knowing as much as I can? That's from the perspective of passing on correct information (as much as I know at that time) onto my readers.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

There's hieroglyphs on the side of this craft that do not look random or higgledy-piggledy! Yes that's a word. It means untidy or disorganised in a way that looks untidy. These hieroglyphs look anything but untidy or disorganised, in fact they look like the same thing that we put onto the "Sound's of the Earth" golden record that we sent out into space.

It's this that's making me think it's not as clear cut as we might be led to believe? Is there more to this?

Because I'll tell you now, I cannot find it or anything else whatsoever to do with a so-called art installation or art presentation? Seriously, I've tried matching up every part of the UFO to Google Len's and I've tried every combination of different types of keywords? I'm pretty sure that someone just suggested that it's an art presentation and the uploader to Twitter has just gone with it?

What back's up that theory is the lack of sources that say it's an art installation? If there was a creditation or something else like that which can corroborate the story then that's fine but it's not.

So, I'm absolutely going with it been a possibility. Even the windows that we can just see at the beginning of the video to the right of the screen are of 1950's, 1960's origin. I know that because in this video they're single panes with a metal frame and hangars don't have anything remotely like that anymore!

They've had to have an update as single panes can and regularly used to break. But modern Inside panes of glass especially in warehouse's, storage facilities and hangars (especially hangars) because of the type of work going on it's to dangerous. Double glazing and plastic backed and even mesh covered glass is the preference nowadays because it's safety glass which the benefits are in the name and for all intents and purposes, better quality.

So, even the blooming windows match up with the video been filmed early in the 50's possibly 60's?

If you've got anything whatsoever to add to this or if you've been able to find anything else about this ie another search engine other than Chrome has different types of results and if so please post it.

Here's a video that I've managed to find and there's a quote at 1:23 which states the wreckage from the Roswell UFO incident or part of it did arrive (end up at) wright Patterson Air Force base. In what's nicknamed T2 or foreign objects division next to the Wright field in the middle of the base. T2 or foreign technology could mean Technology number 2 ie from outer space and T1 being Technology number 1 possibly meaning of Earth?

T1, on Earth and T2 off world.

Here's that video which is well worth the watch:

But also the main event is this video of a "possible real Flying Saucer?" It really has had me researching constantly. That's absolutely fine though because it's what I do, but not been able to find even a breadcrumb about this isn't a good sign!

The reason being is because it suggests that it's either just been created by an artist as is the thought's on this. Or, there's no information on this because this has been faked and just released?

It look's like it was secretly filmed because of the notable absence of people on camera in a hangar maybe from the 1950's or 1960's:

It's a good video, but is it a genuine UFO inside of a hangar been secretly filmed?

If you've got any response or thoughts about this please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

If you've found anything else whatsoever about this UFO in the hangar even if it's not good please share it with us so we can update this post and our own knowledge, thank you so much.

Credit: Think Tank Twitter/Zadrhell YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I can see the gaps in-between the panels as well as the a gap with the top piece. An art piece is a good explanation.

  2. for spaceage technology the door seems very thick !


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