3 UFOs Flying Straight Past The ISS Filmed By Astronaut

The biggest difference between the normal UFO sighting at the ISS caught on the live feed and these three UFOs is that an astronaut was filming this sighting.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that someone has added or copy and pasted the UFOs into the video...

3 UFOs flying past the ISS been filmed by an astronaut.

The astronaut is blatantly filming these 3 UFOs flying right past it. Keep in mind how close the Earth is when looking at the image below through the window while the astronaut reads a letter.

But, the astronaut is definitely filming something that's actually there because he or she follows the UFOs from the bottom window to the middle window.

This was the biggest thing in the video itself which had me convinced that what we're seeing is a real triple UFO sighting. Everything adds up and it all looks good.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Why else would an astronaut start filming out the window? The Earth is there "all the time" they're orbiting the Earth there's nothing special about it (so to speak). The other thing which makes sense is that the UFOs where seen approaching underneath the ISS so this astronaut has managed to grab a camera and that's why we're seeing the UFOs at the back end and just as they're passing by and leaving!

That's a few things literally just off the top of my head which is what instantly gave me the impression that what we're seeing here is real. It's those quick instinctive decisions which gives us that feeling of something been real. It's like one thing led to another thing which on the bigger picture made it all come together.

I'm certainly convinced most of all by the astronaut moving from the bottom window to the middle window, that indicates that the astronaut is filming something specific. If he or she was filming the Earth (for starters) they'd probably just stand back, take it all in through all the windows and not specifically tracking something from window to window.

I'm convinced that this is real.

As the trio of UFOs are flying away in the middle window, this astronaut is tracking it. If you go to the video you'll see that these craft's are being tracked, on the same elevation moving upwards, it couldn't fit any more perfect if the camera was mounted on a tripod! That's how good all the evidence matches up with a normal looking UFO sighting being caught on camera.

It's bizarre because all I just wrote into the Google search was astronaut filming UFO from the ISS window and it brought up this website with an image showing an astronaut sat at the window reading a letter from home "but there's a blatant UFO in the window" here's the link. Scroll down the screen to number 4 (you'll see it) and the photo is there in NASA's official website.

Astronaut reading a letter from home with a UFO right outside of the ISS window.

This UFO sighting is so blatant that NASA must know it's there.

The UFO in the image is so blatant that NASA must know it's there!

The person in this image above is a NASA astronaut called Christina Koch who shared this photo of herself relaxing on the space station after a busy work week.

Credit: NASA JPL Education (stay in touch is the title).

I don't see anything that say's the UFOs in the top image is anything else but a triple UFO sighting, do you? If you do notice anything else that gives you cause or pause for thought then please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. I'd also appreciate it if you could share this post, thanks.

Here's the epic International Space Station astronaut video:

As soon as I uploaded this NASA UFO sighting to my Instagram page it instantly got over 130 likes within 5 minutes. It's not a record but it's certainly indicating that the writing accompanying it is pretty much the same as what I've wrote here, it's the same thing and people are liking it.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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