2 UFOs From Gulf Breeze Florida In 1993 Both Silver Craft's

In 1993 there was two silver UFO craft's with both of them exhibiting spectacular individual characteristics.

Is there any suggestion that these two Gulf Breeze Florida 1993 (both silver UFOs) could be related?

2 UFOs over the Gulf Breeze Florida in 1993 is no coincidence.

Amazing UFO pod like craft in 1993 over the Gulf Breeze, Florida.

What's the chances of there being two silver UFOs over the Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1993?

It's definitely not impossible that it's two different things altogether, but the chances that it's deliberately planned from the same people or program and even the same Extraterrestrial entities is not impossible or just as plausible.

In 1993 thing's like apps and filters just didn't really exist like it does now. Even though the internet was officially accepted as the internet was 1983, the new communications transfer control protocol (TCP/IP) it just couldn't create anything this sophisticated because even now, you'd be hard pushed to absolutely hoax something this good.

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but like I've written it many times before about coincidences, I don't believe in coincidences whatsoever. Everything happens for a reason. Does that make these UFOs or Extraterrestrial in origin, absolutely not. I'm here just to point out the really extraordinary evidence that suggests that we've been visited by unknown visitor's.

It's uncanny that in 1993 (10 years after the Internet was established) there's two videos of UFOs in the same place with both of these showing epic individual uniqueness ie speed, flying or hovering and seemless crafts without any propulsion systems to keep them flying and or hovering.

The first UFO craft is a "pod like craft" and that's how it's been described by one Twitter user (UFOB we're not alone) who just post's 2 images of confidential images:

With what I saw o Twitter in these 2 Seperate post's, it got me thinking about another UFO sighting that I was so sure I'd read about before and more to it, that I'd seen a UFO video of a 1993 silver UFO before... I was sure I had seen something like it before? So, I went on my travels researching. Low and behold, I was right!

UFO Orb over Gulf Breeze Florida In 1993 accelerates at incredible speed.

What's making this UFO Orb accelerate at unfathomable speeds? The video that this UFO is from has a narrator who is asking the same question? The camera can't keep up with the UFO and it's literally gone in less than a second.

I'll be posting confidential images that shows us craft's or pods with people in them, but these are clearly marked as confidential but only as hand drawn sketches of pods. There's 2 people inside the pods. In fact I'll show them now.

Here's the video of the silver pod like craft over Gulf Breeze Florida:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Think Tank Twitter/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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