Orb And Large Pyramid Shape UFO At The Shuttle 1998

This is a fantastic UFO sighting which has stood the test of time and can not be dismissed.

People have tried to dismiss it since the day it was filmed which is the 11th June, 1998 at 12:05pm.

2 UFO sightings at the shuttle in 1998 June 11th.

Here's the extraordinary video of 2 UFOs at the Shuttle which is been filmed by NASA astronaut.

Closer look at the Pyramid shape UFO sighting at the Shuttle.

The 2 UFOs at the shuttle in 1998 one Orb and one Pyramid.

Two UFOs is unheard of during a NASA mission. The fact that it must be an astronaut filming this means that NASA is definitely aware of craft's of intelligence in space.

But if you ask them why they're dismissing it - it boils down to this "because I don't like the look of it." Which unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us it isn't very scientific and nor is it a reason to disbelieve it.

But, each to their own I suppose, right?

The other one is that it's to good to be true. The reason why people say this or even have this as an answer is because people are used to blurred UFOs! It's messed up, in fact it's downright bizarre but true.

Once a clear UFO sighting comes along it's hard for some people to get their heads around and so it's simply dismissed but for all the wrong reasons. As it's a hard sell I totally understand that.

But that's why it becomes to good to be true.

The video has a time stamp and a date stamp in the lower left corner of the video. It's 12:05pm. 11th June, 1998.

This will be a top secret video because it's 2 UFOs, right? It's a Pyramid shape UFO with a UFO Orb next to it. The UFO Orb is to the left of the screen and the Pyramid UFO is to the right of the screen with the Shuttle in the middle. Just imagine, there's two windows in the top tier part of the Pyramid (capsule) UFO which means that it's used for someone or something to look out of?

Is the first UFO (from the left beginning of video) part of the Pyramid UFO? It's one of the oddest videos I've ever seen. If this is a genuine UFO sighting at the Shuttle in 1998, then that means that NASA's been aware of Extraterrestrials for decades and we have been lied to.

I genuinely don't know what to make of this UFO sighting?

It Look's genuine, the video was filmed from another angle from an unknown source?

Manned Manouvering Unit MMU with astronaut filming UFO.

The video could be an astronaut filming this double UFO sighting? Here's the description:

It's probably an astronaut on a space walk but the Shuttle bay doors aren't open so I am wondering how if at all, did an astronaut manage to get out of the shuttle with what would have to be a manned manouvering unit (MMU):

The Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) is a backpack propulsion device that gave astronauts mobility for extravehicular activities outside the Space Shuttle. It enabled them to maneuver within the payload bay or fly some distance away without needing safety tethers anchored to the vehicle.

Air and space 

These MMU's can travel through space without any help whatsoever from the main Shuttle.

Here's the NASA video I uploaded to Instagram:

If you've got any thoughts on this please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share it with others, thanks.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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