UFO 3 Times As Big As Earth Draws Energy From The Sun

This has been featured in many media outlets around the world because of its look, its sequence of events and how Alien it looks.

NASA knows nothing about this prominence at the Sun.

Huge UFO object is filmed refuelling at the Sun.

You'll be surprised at what I've found out about this because NASA says that this is a solar prominence, but looking up prominence just means "noticeable."


Is this a case of NASA trying to do the whole hypnotist trick where they say "Look into my eyes, not around the eyes but at my eye", they then proceed to click their fingers and say "Right, you under.?

Then we get this whole speech about what we're seeing is not what we're seeing, it's a solar prominence. Like who in the world knows what the hell they're talking about "which is precisely what they want" because let's face it, they're scientists apparently and they should know a lot more about space, right? Well, not necessarily.

It looks like a massive, huge round object, draining energy, probably plasma and understanding why it's doing so it could be topping up its energy-storing device. Okay, I can't see a battery so I'll leave that bit out. It's exactly what it is, but for giggles and whatnot, let's see what NASA wants us to believe it is, bearing in mind that NASA doesn't know everything about everything and the actual answer they give is well, it's an answer they've given to something they know nothing about.

And I quote (don't confuse an answer with a name, by the way). 


According to NASA scientists, the feature is actually a little-understood, but frequently observed, type of solar activity called a "prominence," and the way it is situated beneath another solar feature gives it its otherworldly appearance.

So firstly, it's little understood which means they don't know what it is. But they see it all the time.

Or, explained another way, they haven't got a clue about this and never have! Plus, we've got video of this happening before but we've never released that footage!

They have seen it before so release it. Also, yes. It looks Alien. So, while they're attempting to dismiss it, the smart people can understand what they've said. Because all they've said is we've seen it before and this is what we call it.

That's it.

So, please don't read the quote and think NASA has dismissed this as irrelevant or that they know what it is and that they've somehow figured it out "because they've just stated that they haven't got a clue as to what it is."

Let's go back to the video and look at it through our eyes, normal eyes and low and behold, instead of calling this prominence, personally, I call this intelligent activity where energy is being drawn from the Sun.

Because of how we see it NASA must have seen it like that as well. But for them to downplay it, all the while knowing that they don't know what it is, makes me wonder what else Extraterrestrial looking have they dismissed? Or have they given some other Alien activity a literal-sounding, "nothing to see here" type of name? When in bloody great big fact yes, absolutely yes there is something to see here!

It sure hell beats a stupid prominence!

And by the way, if we look up the word prominence in the dictionary here's what NASA is "literally" saying:

The state of being important, famous, or noticeable.

So, all NASA is saying about this UFO or object drawing energy from the Sun is that it was a noticeable event.

This UFO activity was caught in March of 2012 and the footage, a composite of images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and processed by scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre has become an internet sensation.

NASA has been quiet about it ever since that I know of. Please, you can apply the very same literal thinking to a lot of what NASA states and if you do, just like I have you'll start to understand that what NASA likes to do is put clever or complicated, phrases that sound like a descriptive set of words or give the impression that they've explained the narrative and so they know what it is.

When in fact, a lot of it is literal explanations as I've just outlined. A noticeable event. Word can be a massive deceptive tool that people or agencies like to hide.

So for me, I'm sticking with the answer to this that it's an object drawing energy from the Sun and the reason why I'm doing that is because it's a lot more than what NASA is willing to believe or say. See NASA hasn't said it's anything other than a noticeable event and people are using that to explain it I don't think anyone's looked up the word prominence. And they're saying this is "what" it is? The name of an event is not an explanation of the event especially in this case.

Prominence (noticeable event) or object drawing energy.

Here's the extraordinary video which by the way is a NASA video (you can't make this stuff up) video above.

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this post please share them with us in the comments section below, cheers. And also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Live Gravity YouTube Channel/NBC News/NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Just wondering who released this video? Cause if this video has been released by NASA then the question is WHY?
    Why you release something that you can't or you won't explain.
    I think 60% of the population on earth are 100% sure about alien live. So why this game?
    They realise video or pictures and after they try to cover it. I just don't get it

  2. It is an electroball; a double layer ball of ionized plasma with two electric charges. The flow of plasma under it transfers the electric charge to the sun. After that the ball is not attracted to the sun anymore and it is blown away by the solar wind. Ufos are very often the same but with different properties because they have much more charge density making them brilliant or opaque.

  3. The state of being important, famous, or noticeable. It says right here nasa thinks it’s an important or famous or noticeable not just noticeable…..ok it sounds more like they are telling us it’s pretty fricken important

  4. I know everyone is saying look at this object but if you look behind it ar 1oclock position you can feintly see another one ,also later in video there's another at 7 o'clock position


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