3 UFOs Flying By The Side Of An Airplane

There's something about this that on the one hand I really do like but on the other hand it's got a vide to it that I'm not sure what it is?

It's certainly interesting and definitely looks like it's real, or could be a real set of UFOs flying by the side of an airplane.

Here's 3 UFOs definitely flying directly to the side of this airplane over New Mexico.

As soon as I zoomed into the screenshot that I took from the video, to show you specific part's of the objects, the object's then begin to look blurred.

This is why we see a lot of blurred UFO photo's and UFO videos because people simply zoom into photo's and videos to show you the UFO but larger. It's now possible to crop and zoom into video's and that has pretty much the same effect, it makes the object's look blurred. You cannot add pixels by zooming in.

Similar looking UFO sighting's are more than you might think? UFO Orbs, cigars and diamond shape UFOs are probably the most abundant?

I've seen similar footage of UFOs that look like they're escorting an aircraft. In the video description it states that this happened over New Mexico as the location marker. There's a lack of information with this UFO sighting but it's not a lot more that can be added to make any difference?

Knowing the time and exact place allows the cross referencing of radar apps and flight apps that can help with determination of how many craft's was in that particular area? This would be great information if it could be determined but like I said, there's just nothing more in the description box on Instagram. The information contained in the video description asks for people to rate it and the word "New Mexico" and original Audio.

The aircraft is actually flying very low over the built up area with these thick power cables in the forefront of the video. The UFOs pass behind the power cable's which are really prominent in the video and I'm not sure if this is deliberate this looks entirely like it should look.

I do know one thing though, that normally I don't focus on the negatives of anything really or should I say that I definitely try not to focus on the negatives. But it's a human trait, it's innate with a lot of people.

Ufology demands a critiques eye and to research it fully (within my means) and to assess the UFO sighting(s) fully I've got to focus on the obvious fake looking parts, what I known hoaxes look like and what parts of UFO videos are faked the most. There's a part in this video right at the end where we see the airplane off on the distance pretty much as a dark dot, and I've taken screenshots of this and zoomed in because it looks like the UFOs aren't there?

The screenshots are to blurred and the airplane is to far off when the video get's to the point where it looks like the UFOs have flown away or simply haven't been put in the video, maybe? All 3 UFOs flying next to the aircraft have simply vanished which begs the question did they fly away or can I just not make them out as it is a bit darker as they're all alot further away by the end of the video?

I did a Google Len's search for the UFOs next to the airplane and a UFO sighting did come up in the results but it's helicopters right next to a UFO, kind of like the opposite of the UFO video. Here's the Google search results showing the photo of the multiple helicopters and UFO:

Helicopters right next to a UFO.

Just because it looks like they have gone, they might be hard to see or are in a different place by this point? So, it's a really essential part of UFO researching and looking into the video itself ie graphics, blurriness or changing of places, when and where abouts in the video get into the 

Here's the brilliant video which was shared by UFO News YouTube channel:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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