Red UFO Orb Starts Releasing Smaller UFOs From Underneath It

Here's probably a fast becoming favourite of mine because it looks so authentic and genuine and we can clearly hear the onlookers praying out loud.

Normally, out of respect for their religion, people just won't shout out prayers especially if they are hoaxing or pranking someone.

Here's the extraordinary video which shows a red UFO releasing small Orbs.

Orbs being released by a Mothership UFO.

We can really hear people are so frightened because they are praying out loud. People normally only pray out loud when they are scared of something they perceive as a threat or as danger.

If a UFO hoax happens and it's genuine, people will react to it just as you'd expect probably in a frightened, excited or sometimes the onlooker will stay very quiet. The way that an onlooker might act varies from country to country.

Technically, it's a UFO Mothership if the main UFO is filmed releasing smaller Orbs from within itself. That's a big "technically speaking" because it's one thing being described as a UFO but it's another thing calling it a Mothership...

And so to the difference between a UFO being hoaxed and a genuine sighting is the onlookers reactions! This red UFO Orb releasing smaller UFO Orbs or smaller versions of itself just looks correct from a judging it point of view. It sounds right, it looks correct and it's gonna be extremely difficult to fake this using a drone. I think that it's a genuinely filmed UFO sighting and it's probably how it would look?

I've have no qualms about saying that it's got about an 80% possibility rating (a personal rating) of it being a real UFO sighting. It's everyone's reaction to the UFO sighting and if I was in that same situation, I could understand why they would react this way. It's what it possibly implies because of the unknown.

Alien's, that probably at the forefront of their thoughts and guy's, if anyone can translate what is being said in the video, I'd appreciate it if you can let us know in the comments section?

There's no information with this YouTube video except for it was uploaded to YouTube on the 6th July 2022 by TV Mistérios Mundo channel. 

Here's the extraordinary video for you to check it out yourself.

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Credit: TV Mistérios Mundo YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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