2 UFO Sighting's Reported Recently Over Florida USA

Here's a fantastic UFO sighting which the witness say's it occurred over The villages, Florida, USA. January 15th Sunday at appx 545pm.

Logan Youngheim UFO sighting report.

Logan Youngheim reported to myself a UFO sighting.

UFO with black smoke coming from it.

Guy's, there's no video with this sighting. This is one of those sighting's which is going to turn out to probably be man made, but it's still a UFO and nothing I know, makes these black lines. The other UFO sighting's are still unknown.

There's alway's thing's going bump in the night and Florida USA is no different than anywhere else. There's no aircraft at the tip of the black smoke. What could possibly be creating this unusual, horrible looking black trail in the sky...

UFOs are everywhere, I should know because guy's, I'm being sent an unprecedented (for me) amount of UFO sighting's and some of these are calling into question everything we're taught about the probability of life existing in space.

We're taught that life only exists on Earth. Yeah well the UFO situation would definitely state otherwise! I've been trying to seperate the Bull from the common sense stuff, since I can remember. Just going off track for one second. If life exists in space, one day hopefully we humans will meet up. One day we will probably communicate with each other (it's probably already happened).

Are Aliens keeping us a secret from their own people? Do they have UFO group's and being's that believe in humans? Do Alien being's have their own secret programs and cover ups regarding us? Or do you think this has anything to do with why they won't contact us? I mean, c'mon if you was in a craft above Earth watching everything unfold, would you ring the doorbell? Seriously, would you? It's not me self hating myself or himanity but damn, I'd see us from space and think "I'm gonna call this in and say there's no life here."

Whistle as you walk on by, as they say.

Would you want to go back to your Alien home planet and announce that we exist! Only for us to try and take over your planet? Embezzling something, somewhere and selling the Alien guns on the black market? Because we are the worst you know. We blow each other's countries up, were the worst at being decent living organisms. What code of conduct do we humans follow, we let our own people starve, wage war against weaker opponent's, gas each other, we're all the worst.

We have that many world wars we just number them.

Okay maybe there's a bit of self hating but it's only from a third person in space "perspective" lol. Looking at humanity on the whole. That was going off track a wee bit but I felt like it was important to mention this. Earth sucks, swerve it!

To Mr. ET.

Call in sick, say it's (Earth) is not there anymore in your briefing to head office (or whatever you have for a head) and pretty much just walk on by.

In all seriousness though, can you imagine for a minute what it would look like if a craft was filmed coming into land with Earth's media outlets around the location, filming it (probably remotely) people wouldn't be allowed there in large numbers, but there would still be some there.

The craft comes into land and that's when the world get's it's first look at "the life."  A living being not from planet Earth. In blue clothes, the face is what you expected and then they are moved to a car/possibly a van. I mean how else could it possibly happen?

That's what I see in my mind anyways. Nothing spectacular, nothing that normally would be out of the normal. That's what I hope to witness. Something bigger than me, bigger than you, bigger than Earth itself, life itself.

Here's a fantastic Florida USA UFO sighting 2022.

Florida USA UFO sighting, reported to Lee Lewis UFO Researcher.

To know we're not alone. That we could become friends, future partners on thing's for extending life, knowledge and spiritually. If you think it's outlandish, I'll refer you to UAP videos, UAP disclosure. UFOs are real.

So, who made them?

This is the Florida USA UFO sighting video:

Here's another UFO sighting (above top) just reported by a Logan Youngheim, there's no information with this UFO sighting but it's great as it is:

Credit: Logan Youngheim/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. My friend has a picture from 4:48 Newfoundland time of the same thing, also on January 15th.

  2. I saw same exact thing out of my window on a flight back in April. Probably in Nevada skies. Very clear view. Kick myself for not getting a picture.


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