This is the moment when an Aircraft spectacularly escaped from a UFO near miss

There's aircraft near misses and then there's the UFO type of a near miss which this one looks spectacular.

This is the latter and has to be one of the best videos showing a UFO sighting that nearly slams into the side of the airplane which that in itself capture's the imagination.

The moment when a UFO nearly hits an aircraft in the air.

Filtered image of a UFO that nearly hit an aircraft London, UK.

After looking up the surrounding area in the image taken from the video, it appears to be area around Stansted Airport, London, UK.

It only becomes apparent that it's not gone through the craft when the plane hasn't nosedived.

Looking closer at it, it even looks like it's gone through the underside of the aircraft. Luckily it hasn't touched the plane. So, what's going on here and after researching the background of the video with the scrubland and post's, I believe that this is London Stansted Airport? The reason why I am confident that this place is London Stansted Airport is because of the Greenbelt land around it.

Greenbelt land is land that cannot be built in, it's left to nature and there's a billion law's around that all protect it which is absolutely amazing. Convert more land back to nature I say.


London, UK has greenbelt land around it and so has Stansted Airport. In fact I think I've narrowed it down to where this video could have been filmed and it might actually be the place it where it was filmed?

Looking it up on Google Maps, this looks very, very similar to the place we see in the video.

What's the significance of knowing where this and any UFO sighting took place? There's the obvious historical significance of this but then there's the hope that a timeline can be or could be established showing a coming and or going to a UFO event?

So, there's a lot that can actually be gained by having the time, place and date of any UFO sighting. If only we had cameras in orbit filming the Earth. Like the ISS live feed cameras, but operators that doesn't turn off the cameras when a UFO turns up.

Here's the UFO Disk near miss video which if any of the passengers had seen, it'd be a very scary UFO sighting indeed because it appears to be on course to hit the aircraft. Luckily though it doesn't hit it and that's more than likely because it's able to manouver out of the way just enough to avoid the aircraft?

It's evidence that the UFO wasn't flying on a preset route? Because I've often wondered if these UFOs are flying to a specific place actually using a preset route? Has the UFO already been preset using a version of an autopilot? Or whatever the UFO uses? But because it doesn't actually hit the aircraft I'm also wondering if the UFOs are able to make real time changes to the direction it's flying and correct it's flight path avoiding aircraft as and when it's needed.

Here's the video, it's only a short video straight to the point:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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