L Shape Row Of UFOs Flies Over Witnesses Car San Diego California US

Here's a fantastic video of UFOs in a row, initially in the shape of an L over Grand Ave San Diego, CA USA.

Red Orb UFO with another 4 UFOs over San Diego CA USA 2023.

San Diego CA USA saw a row of 5 UFOs in total 21st January 2023.

January 21st, 2023 row of UFO Orbs filmed from moving car.

The eye witness that filmed this great UFO sighting has recently sent me two videos from his car. I've put them together and shared them to YouTube. He was filming these at the last minute as he was driving near them he noticed them.

He just managed to grab his phone and start filming them and actually nearly past the UFOs altogether. I'm glad he was able to get what he did on his camera as driving normally produces really bad video's just because of the nature of driving. But this is one of the better unidentified flying object vids. It's a truly strange UFO sighting which reminds me of the Phoenix light's.

There's 4 UFOs in a row with one UFO light flashing red every now and again. It's kinda blinking red, there's the L shape to this which is why initially the witness thought this was strange.

Here's the witness statement:

January 21st 2023, 11:42pm, sighting over Mission Beach/ Pacific Beach, San Diego, California. Flew directly over my car on the way to work at low elevation with no sound. Initially looked unbelievable. As I saw it it was in the formation of an L shape or boomerang shape. Lights were mostly red from what I can remember when it was over my head. I have the original clip and the cropped one as you can see by the time I got my phone out to record while driving with a mug of coffee in my hand it was somewhat distant but appearing in a straight formation. Let me know what you think!!!


I'm so glad that people are filming UFOs but not only that guy's, people are reporting them which believe it or not it's only been (in my experience) only the last few years people have been sharing them.

People used to share them "maybe" but now people are reporting a UFO sighting without hesitation. That's a shift in general opinions and views on UFOs. And it's a good shift, a shift in the right direction because we now know that UFOs are real.

Who'd of funked it that the US Government would release 3 UFO/UAP videos and state that Unknown Origin object's are flying around the world in our atmosphere? Not only is the US Government stating that UFOs are real, but they then went on to say that they're not another countries advanced aerial technology.

Reading between the lines, just after watching the 3 UAP videos Gimbal, Go-Fast and Flir you get the idea that these are (could only be) of Extraterrestrial origin. But it's political, it's Earth shattering (literally) if they was to say yes, they are Extraterrestrial in origin.

C'mon, that's great and all but there's a process, there's a protocol for everything in politics. There's a line of submission, line of event's and a timeline of reported events with another parallel timeline of answers. Parallel, one after the other, it's all part of the process of disclosure which really matters.

It started way back with The Roswell UFO incident. The clock started ticking as soon as that event made it mainstream, between then and the UAP disclosure. That's a timeline of events. It took a long time to get the truth out of the US Government about military personnel reporting UFO activity. Until they couldn't deny it anymore.

How long will it be before we get Extraterrestrial disclosure... How longs a piece of string? But, it must happen because of the UFO disclosure. I just hope that it's not another 75 years because I want to be alive for it.

With Unidentified Aerial Phenomena disclosure (later changed to Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) there was left only one answer on the table. Alien in origin but they stopped short of saying that out loud, which is a shame because I think the world was ready.

They was filmed over secure areas, above aircraft carriers, surveying our most secure areas with impunity, it flying, out manouvering our most capable jet's and that's maybe something to do with why it wasn't anounced where they're from?

Know thy enemy?

Who knows what's been talked about deep in the bowels of Government where all kinds of shenanigans and underhanded tactics are conjured up everyday?

We know that the UAP sighting's that was disclosed must be somewhere right now? We've not seen them since have we? Or are they part of the 500+ new UFO sighting's that have been reported to the new office formerly known as the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group, the office will now be known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO.

Here's a little bit more information about the new office just recently set up to look into UAPs.

The group was mostly focused on airborne and threats in space, the renamed office will also look into unidentified objects that are submerged in water or deemed “transmedium.”

Defense News 

Thanks for checking out this new UFO sighting, stop by again soon for more interesting things that's going on in our atmosphere and in space, there's alway's something going on.

Here's the extraordinary video which was sent to me by Instagram user @george_e_mac:

If you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: @george_e_mac/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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