Base Found On Mars The Ultimate Proof Of Alien Life

If you've ever wanted that undeniable piece of evidence that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Extraterrestrials exist, then look no further because this is it.

The ultimate proof of Aliens inhabiting Mars.

This Mars photo recharges my faith in Extraterrestrials existing outside of the Earth. This is Mars, it should not be there!

I've just made a screen recording of this while I point out the hard-to-see Alien base lol.

It's very hard to see but if you squint in the right light, you might just be able to see the outline of it, lol. I'm only teasing, that's probably the most blatant piece of Extraterrestrial evidence anywhere in the universe, where we can just pick up any device and show anyone who wants to see a bonafide piece of evidence that shouldn't be there.

When you are out with friends and the conversation turn's to UFOs or aliens existing and you wish you had that firm piece of proof of Aliens, then this is it.

This is debate-winning factual evidence that there's stuff on Mars which begs the question that indeed Extraterrestrials are real. We're not alone in the universe and this as far as I'm concerned proves it beyond any shadow of a doubt.


It's a Mars Orbiter High Definition image taken from orbit as the name would suggest, and the other thing that it suggests is that NASA has forgotten about this or didn't see it. Either way, we've finally got the undisputed heavyweight champion of Mars right here in this Gigapan photo.

It was added to the Gigapan website on March 17th 2015. Its image identity is MOC M1800558.

The image time says 2000-08-09T10 which I assume it's not the date that this photo was taken. The Pathfinder was in 1997 but that was very different and just a small thing. It's from the Orbiter so it's a truly amazing piece of evidence that Aliens might be on Mars because something created that as it's not natural.

Credit: NASA/Gigapan/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. rdell1956@gmail.comMarch 6, 2023 at 12:39 AM

    I found this same image in the gigapan archive a couple years ago. I too keep going back to view it. I've uploaded the image to Twitter numerous times, with little to no interest??? I can't understand why this has not gotten attention from the media. It is NOT a case of pareidolia. Even without being enhanced, it is clearly an artificial structure. I'd love to hear from you or any image expert with an unbiased curiosity.

  2. Same here, I genuinely don't know or understand why nobody is asking questions about this? It's clear that it's not our technology as nothing that has gone to Mars looks anything like that. It's a true anomaly.


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