Unidentified Object On Mountaintop In Mexico Filmed Through Telescope

This is a UFO sighting of unbelievable status because to this day nobody has successfully debunked this UFO sighting straddling a mountain top in Mexico.

This is a close up look of the craft on Mexican mountain.

It happened in Mexico in October of 2020.

It's truly the very definition of epic UFO sighting that's very clear, it's even got what looks like the sunshine reflecting off a round domed roof of the craft.


It's something up there on the mountain ridge, right on it's upper most part of this steep mountain. But what is it?

Is it a walkers hut or a campsite for locals or farmers that could get stuck in bad weather and they can take shelter?

Could it be a large tent for a team of archaeologist's maybe that have started excavating in that particular area although a tent on the top ridge like that is probably unwise? It might be a religious place for people to come and say prayers or give offerings even? There's actually a lot more than you might think in terms of what this could be besides an Extraterrestrial craft or UFO or an Alien spaceship. Call whatever you want to but please keep in mind that nothing's been confirmed for this and as such every single piece of information for this is speculation.  And as such we must start with the known forst and the obvious first no matter what it is.

That's just common sense.

Even if it's got bells and whistles with satellite dishes and ET phone home emblazoned on the side of it or tinsel around it's antennas, we must think rational and go through the list of possible suspect's that it is more likely to be.

If we say it's a UFO ie Aliens and put nothing forward to back it up then it's n opinion.  But because it's Ufology and it's based on belief's there's also that element of hope which just seeing this not only gives me hope it actually raises the likelihood of UFOs being of Extraterrestrial origin as far as I'm concerned.

But for the sake of evidence to back it up unfortunately there's nothing. Just a video which could have been manufactured by the very people who have put this forward. Without fact's it's a belief and some would argue that anything else but the facts is jumping to conclusions!

That's where belief comes in.

Personally I have come along on this journey of Ufology and it took me a long time to understand it. As simple as a concept it is it still took me a long time to stop jumping to conclusions especially when there's no information either way.

Plausible explanations.

I'm human and I have many flaws, most of us are beholden to our instincts especially our belief system and while most of me wants this to be real (I hope it's Alien, I really do) but we've got to be able to say why it's Alien otherwise it's just an unidentified object. It's clearly not flying which means that it's not a UFO technically but instead just the Unidentified Object parts of the acronym.

Anyone could have literally waltzed up there and took out a backpack the classic "Roswell UFO cardboard box and tinfoil starter kit" and quickly set up a makeshift "spaceship" that's just landed!

They could have waltzed back down and put a coin in the telescope and put the smartphone to the eyepiece? I say that because it literally could have happened? Although they (I assume) are saying that one specific thing happened that they've just happened to come across it. There could be any number of possibilities that occurred as we only have their word to go off.

But if you know me guys then you'll know that we must take people at their word!

We must otherwise we're letting needless or even false suspicion rule out thoughts and that's not cool. So while the sinical side of me is questioning if it's even daytime or from this century, we mustn't simply think something and take it as fact because that's insane! Explore the scenarios and think with a rational thought train and as I've just mentioned we must take people at their word but still equally important we mustn't be fooled neither.

It's possible it's real but equally it's possible that it's a hoax. I'll let you guys think about it and I'm sure there's something that I've missed about this so please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.


Happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine Colin. Stay awesome and enjoy your big day, thinking of you my good friend.

Here's the link to the YouTube video.

Credit: Ivan Hayor YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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