The Strangest Telescope UFO Sent To My Instagram Page

This was sent to me a while ago, if you've been following my post's you'll know that a lot of people's messages have been mistakenly put in the hidden requests folder in Instagram.

Unbelievable UFO passing in front of the Moon filmed through telescope.

That's not a airplane as it's the wrong shape.

It's definitely not a airplane at all because it's the wrong shape.

For whatever reason hundreds probably thousands of people's messages are in these hidden folders as I've still not got the end of the list!


It's a fantastic video showing what can't be described as a plane because the shape is totally different to anything that flies in our atmosphere.

The witness has sent this video to NASA but here's where it get's really strange and bizarre. If you read the following witness statement you'll find out more.

Witness statement:

Hey I got a weird video a little bit ago while i was looking at the moon through my telescope. I sent it in to one of nasa’s instagram accounts (explorenasa) and they posted it to their story and said it was a plane but they cut the video off right before the “plane” actually comes into view which i thought was strange. I think it moves too fast to be a plane. just wanted to show someone and thought you might be interested!

 Julia Alexander Instagram

Unfortunately because it was put in to the hidden folder on Instagram this was sent to me in April of 2020. I've asked for the information that goes with this video like the time, date and place and as soon as I get it I'll update this post.

Is NASA actively involved in covering up or as in this case actively removing the potential evidence of unknown origin craft's zipping around our atmosphere? Who knows what is going on at NASA or who actually goes through the messages that they receive which I have a feeling that they receive a lot of people's UFO vids asking them for answers.

It's like if I was sent a UFO video and I posted it but removed the part with the UFO in the video and said "nothing to see as there's no UFO" you'd think I was covering it up wouldn't you? So why is it any difference between them doing that?

Like I've said who knows what goes on at NASA.

There's something about this UFO video that does feel like it's more than just an average video filmed through a telescope. If it's a true craft of unknown origin that wouldn't surprise me. Why did NASA upload this video but cut out the craft? That seems super strange to the point of them hiding it.

What's your thoughts on this bizarre looking UFO sighting? Don't forget to share this post and share your thoughts on this, cheers.


This video was taken on April 7, 2020 at 9:16 pm in Salisbury, Maryland USA.

Credit: J. Alexander Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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