Large Round Spherical Shaped UFO Turkey

On May 5th, 2020, a very bizarre-looking UFO sighting occurred in Mugla, Turkey.

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The UFO wasn't identified but has a button-like UFO shape it looks like an egg.

Sphere shape button Orb over Mugla Türkiye 2020.

It's called the button UFO due to its shape resembling that of a button found on clothing. The colour of the UFO I'd say is described as off-white or cream.


Spherical shaped UFO Orb Türkiye 2020 over Mugla.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the button UFO hovering in the sky for several minutes before disappearing without a trace. That's what happens with the majority of these Orb-type sphere UFOs. The sighting has caused a stir among locals as you'd expect and UFO enthusiasts alike, with many speculating about the origin and purpose of the unidentified object.

If we're here on Earth and evolving not just our bodies but the technology that we create are we following some innate map or designer plan? And, if it is like that then does it mean all intelligent life follows this path? Because there's no way that when someone invents something it's the ultimate version of what they've created. So does it follow a path through evolution just like life itself does?

Is it a universal process of getting better, stronger, and more intelligent and in the end does that life force either annihilate itself or does it become the ultimate being with integrated technology like we're going to be doing with Neurolink and prosthetic limbs?

See it's all how you look at things. Integrated technology could be spectacles, hearing aids and all other things. Sure that's from a health and medical point of view but then there's the military exoskeleton that allows anyone to lift heavy loads by themselves and run at high speeds without any effort.

It's kind of misleading to just say integrating technology into the human body because it does sound funny or like a conspiracy but dumbing it down and building it back up it's not a conspiracy. The other day I saw information on scientists who have found the reset button or reset gene that stops the ageing process and reverses it. They've (scientists) successfully reversed blindness in mice through this reset gene.


Despite the lack of concrete evidence or explanation, the Button UFO sighting in Mugla, Turkey remains a fascinating event that has captured the attention of many around the world.

Guy's if you've got any thoughts or opinions because you've seen something similar to this UFO then please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Ali Kumak/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I have seen this identical ufo here in VT on many occasions over my house. One night I even saw it in red and with looked like a smaller orb coming out of it. I have pictures videos. There’s something going on here, this ufo has been spotted all over the world yet it’s staying hush hush. It’s not a star it’s not the moon not a drone nor a helicopter. And it’s def not swamp gas! DM me for info


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