White Illuminated Flying Craft Over Tampa Florida USA

Here's what looks like a fantastic flying craft or is it a centre console reflection onto the inside windshield of the car?

White Flying Saucer craft or UFO of unknown origin over Tampa FL USA.

The craft seems to be hovering, glowing and in the typical flying saucer shape.

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I'm all for getting to the truth and I also post the things that interest me most or intrigues me most or makes me think what the hell is this and what could it be?


It's been like that since I can remember from when I first started writing about UFOs or anomalous phenomena. It's my way of letting it go wherever it goes because you guys seem to like what I post otherwise it'd never have taken off.

I love your answers and your comments because I do read them all, it's how I get the answers that I ask for. You never seem to have any qualms about telling it how it is which is rubbing off on me because I think that's a reflection of the centre console speedometer or nitrous oxide display.

It tells you how much is left in the tank or it could be another kind of display meter put it that way but I still want your thoughts on this as I could be wrong or that there are other videos from around the area this was filmed.

Witness statement:

Tampa Bay, Fl. Notice the red orb in front of the craft.

The witness mentions a red light in front of the craft which I didn't notice at first but still, that could be a reflection inside the car of a red light above the meter reading.

I could be way off and believe me, I am the first person to hope that it's a real UFO but I have to say what I think.


What are your thoughts on this one because it's driving me crazy trying to look at this from every angle possible? I've zoomed in on the "craft' and the plot kinda thickens as there looks like a white line going through the middle which would be the pinpoint arm in the meter.

I hope it's not that and that we're all looking at a genuine craft or object of unknown origin.

As always I ask for your thoughts and opinions on whatever I'm writing about so if you could share your thoughts on this one I'd appreciate it, cheers. Also please can you share this post, thanks.

Credit: N. Givens/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. It's a reflection on the windshield. Thanks for wasting my time.


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