The Most Bizarre UFO Sighting Over Madera California

Residents of Madera, California, were left stunned by an unusual UFO sighting recently and to get honest with you stunned doesn't seem to cover it.

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The series of strange objects were seen flying over people's homes, leaving a trail behind them. What are these extremely rare UFOs? This is a fantastic update on a mind-blowing UFO sighting with the witnesses sharing more information.

This isn't party lights it's UFOs flying around the clouds California US.

Many UFOs coming straight over people's homes in Madera CA USA.

Light can't fly around the clouds I've slowed down the video to highlight where it happens.

The objects were unlike anything that had been seen before probably by anyone and in such abundance coming from all directions in the sky, prompting many to speculate about their origin and purpose as you'd expect. It only happened less than 2 weeks ago.


Eyewitnesses described the objects as being unbelievable looking, with no clear shape or form. They appeared to be moving with purpose, and their trail suggested that they were not simply drifting aimlessly through the sky. Despite the unusual nature of the sighting, no one was able to identify what the objects were or where they had come from.

Light can't travel behind clouds!

Eye witness statement:

I would love to find out more. I've been showing the video around a little, but most people are just as baffled as I am. I've never seen anything quite like it, honestly. The speed and general nature of the movements are bizarre and made zero sounds yet, it appeared like there was an air disturbance when I slow the video down. The time was 2120 hours, the date was 4/2/and and 23, the location was in Madera, California looking east towards the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The clouds were quite low that evening. They appeared to be right above the clouds or going through them. I'll shoot you a couple more videos. These events transpired over about a five-minute time frame. I wouldn't believe it was real if I didn't shoot the video myself.

The incident has left many residents of Madera wondering about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. While there is no concrete evidence to support this theory, the strange sighting has certainly left an impression on those who witnessed it.


As of now, the origin and purpose of the objects remain a mystery, leaving many to wonder if we are truly alone in the universe. I'm updating this UFO sighting with a new post because of the information which the eye witness has provided since the last post about this.

Guy's I'm still convinced that this is a fantastic UFO sighting because if it 8s party light's how are they flying around the cloud's or is that just perspective? Either way it's a truly strange sight for anyone to witness.

The witness say's in the video:

"They're coming from all over the sky"

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Credit: dozier_dog Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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