Woman Claim's Biden Could Be Wearing A Mask Take A Look

Is someone pretending to be Potus wearing a mask using just his finger to scratch an itchy neck he seems to move a latex mask.

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Or is there a down to Earth explanation like nature, or just getting old and gravity doing the rest?

Someone wearing a mask to look like Biden.

Bidens ears have changed over time.

Is there 2 Bidens because his features have changed.

It's a bizarre-looking video from Tuesday, April 11th 2023 Northern Ireland visit I'll admit that but has President Biden had extreme plastic surgery maybe or is someone else actually wearing a latex mask?


Because why would Biden wear a mask? It would be someone else pretending to be him, right?

Or more to the question is this "Why" would someone else be wearing a mask pretending to be the Potus?

The last time I wrote about this type of thing it was about the ears on Potus having changed from "free earlobes to attached earlobes" or lugs and then to lobes. The dangling piece of skin was there one week and gone the next. They disappeared from his head.

This is strange most certainly but we need to remember that he's 80 and the skin tends to go south when people are that old. Having a bit of work done when your in the public spotlight like he is can be explained as normal in the USA. It's a natural process for the human body to "sag." It's not a big thing it'll happen to us all because the skin becomes less elastic and while this video does look strange, it's probably just age.

The earlobes however changed from free dangling lugs to lobes attached! Now that's not age because if anything they should have got longer and more dangling and yet they went the complete opposite direction literally.

So what's going on with the neck skin on President Biden and why did his neck skin seem to shift and crease and stay creased, actually the skin seemed to shift and stay as you'd expect a mask to do if it was moved.


I'm just pointing out that this lady in the video sees the neck scratch and says out loud that "It's a mask." It's intriguing because that's just what it did look like. Even though it did look like that it's probably not a mask because that would be a whole different level of deceiving people.

I'm here to tell you that he's 80 years old, it's what happens when you get old so if you're not at least understanding then when you get older, you're on for a shock lol.

I think the ears having changed that is the most bizarre-looking thing so far but this isn't probably anything too.

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Credit: Ovnisufos2 Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Where is the rest of the video? Looks faked to me.


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