The Strangest And Clearest UFO Video I've Ever Been Sent

This is the clearest-looking UFO video that I can recall having ever been sent to me through Instagram DMs.

Black and red hot triangle shape UFO October 2020.

Closer look at the black and red UFO shaped like a triangle craft.

I've been leaving messages with the eyewitness to share the time, place and specific date for this spectacular UFO sighting and when I get it I'll update this post straight away.

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I received the remarkable UFO video through Instagram DMs (direct messages) in October 2020 and since then I've found out it was filmed over Medellín Colombia.


I can almost guarantee that you have never seen anything quite like this one before.

It is undoubtedly the best UFO video I have ever seen and it's been sitting in a separate folder inbox in Instagram's potentially offensive words folder for 3 years. I'm beyond words at this point but I suppose at least I did get it in the end which is plus. Also because it's been a long time maybe that's why I can't get a reply to the messages I've sent the eyewitness.

I still haven't gotten to the bottom of the list in the Instagram messages in the separate folder. I've been looking into this list for 2 and a bit weeks now and I'm nowhere near the end of the list as there are thousands upon thousands up till now. I don't even have the settings on for that but messages are still being put in that folder.


The sighting is clear and the witness caught it perfectly with the camera. The shape of the UFO is peculiar and we get to see it defined well enough to make a more informed decision if it's a truly real unknown origin craft or not. I've never seen anything like that before in my life "Have you?" The top of the object appears black and with a straight top, while the bottom has a red hot metallic appearance with a jagged edge type of design. The UFO is also flying silently.

I received an exceptional UFO video from October 22nd, 2020 through Instagram direct messages. The eyewitness goes by the Instagram handle @alcervantess. The sighting is very clear and the shape is unlike any I've seen before. The top is black while the bottom has a red hot metallic appearance. It's also flying silently.

The video is truly captivating because of how clear and strange it looks. The UFO appears to be hovering.

The shape and colour of the object are unique and the way it moves through the sky is fascinating, is it hovering or really good camera handling because there's nothing really to give us a size reference of the object? It's up to you to determine its size. The video is clear and the details of the UFO are easy for all to see.

Overall, this is a remarkable UFO sighting. The shape and colour of the UFO are truly unique and this doesn't bring anything else to mind except for the TR3B triangle-shaped aerial vehicle. This is a video that all UFO enthusiasts should see so please share this post.

  • Received an exceptional UFO video via Instagram DMs from October 2020.
  • Clearest UFO sighting with an unusual shape.
  • The top appears black while the bottom has a red hot "jagged metallic look."
  • UFO is silently hovering.

Conclusion & update

I've just been checking the screenshot of this that I took and used Google Lens to see if it's anywhere else online and yes it is. It was filmed in Medellín Colombia. There's a video on YouTube from 7 months ago. So the eyewitness never got a reply from me as the video was stuck in customs in the Instagram folder for 3 years! So he's sent it to "strange Activities" on TikTok who's aired the video. I'm so frustrated at this point because it stands to reason that if I don't get back to people about a UFO sighting, they're going to send it elsewhere right?

There are videos of this on TikTok but only from the last part of 2022. Meaning that the original person who filmed this was the person who sent it to me in October 2021. @alcervantess.

The zoom on this camera is extraordinary, it's probably the Samsung Galaxy S21 or S22. The zoom gives this away as definitely not an iPhone because the zoom on them is not good at all and that's unanimous. The UFO is so high up in the cloud and I'm calling this UFO sighting stunning!

The plot thickens at this stage guys because sharing a UFO sighting through Instagram can only handle a short 1 minute or so video. So people can only send me a watered-down version of the UFO video. TikTok however can handle a larger-sized video so the eyewitness must have shared it on the Strange Activities TikTok page and have been able to get the full video.

Oh well.

If you've got any thoughts on this video or if you can translate what is being said in the video I'd appreciate it if you could share it with us, thank you. Also generally speaking l please don't forget to share this post with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.{alertInfo}

Credit: @alcervantess Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. You never see a flying plane!

  2. Could be a kite for all I can tell. Tell me why the video would end like that? Wouldn't anyone in their right mind continue filming until it flew away??? I mean c'mon... seriously!

    1. Yep it is a kite - I had one very similar when I was younger. The 3 bumps at the bottom are for the strings. These idiots think it's a UFO lol

  3. It's certainly an intriguing one, and as we know, there have been some compelling examples from South America in recent years. However, the bird that flies across the screen towards the end might suggest an explanation, although that seems to be unlikely given the colours, position etc. What's often missing from these shots is a sense of scale, so it's hard to judge size. Also, the angle at which it was filmed.

  4. Looks like a drone to me..the red triangular parts underneath is what makes me a lean towards it being a drone but who knows it could well be a new type of ufo

  5. lol that is a kite! You never had one as a kid? The 3 bumps at the bottom are what the string attaches to

  6. Looks like it might be a glider from a company called Aerosparx. They attatch fireworks for paid special events. I’m a big believer too but I think this clip could be something similar. Just saying!


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