White Tic Tac Shaped UFO Disappears Filmed From Another Aircraft

A strange sighting was captured on video from an aeroplane window - a white Tic Tac-shaped UFO if you can believe it just disappeared on film.

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It is unlike anything I have seen before and does not appear to be part of any military branch as there's no insignia on this thing.

Brilliant UFO footage of a white Tic Tac shaped UFO.

The best evidence for Tic Tac shaped UFOs.

The lack of wings on this white cylinder UFO (almost snub nose), cigar-shaped UFO is no surprise. And there's no visible propulsion system which suggests that it could be a reverse-engineered top-secret craft or a visitor from another planet because of the disappearing act.


Taking into account the information we already know about UAPs with pilots saying on record that they've seen them disappear and appear from nowhere this really could be of unknown origins or exotic origins. Let your mind run wild with the information and knowledge you've gained over your lifetime and just make a decision on this.

Make your mind up if you believe that there's good enough information out there to suggest that it could be Extraterrestrial in origin.

Never be afraid of the information you've taken in over your lifetime. Never be afraid neither of having your thoughts based on the information that you sought out through your life this far. You're an interesting person with a fantastic view of life because there isn't anyone better than you at being able to understand the way you see the world.

Use it, you're entitled to make your mind up on this and anything else.

We've recently just had official UAP disclosure, something that I thought we'd never have. Never be afraid of taking Into account the implications of this. Let your imagination run wild, that's what it's there for. Don't limit yourself and always ask a question about anything.

There are not enough people asking questions and that's why the 3 UFOs just shot down have already gone. They've been gathered up and are sat somewhere on this planet underground with people pouring over them.

Maybe that's why it went silent because they realised whoever got to them first owned the technology it contained. They would own the rights to the exotic technology thereafter which would now be USA and Canada.

One thing is certain, this aerial vehicle is not part of the commercial or private sector. There's nothing that disappears at this moment. If it was, it would have been seen in our military by now. The unique design and capabilities of this UFO leave many questions unanswered.

  • Like who owns it?
  • Where did it come from?
  • How can it fly so fast?
  • Where are its wings?
  • What's keeping it in the air?
  • Why isn't the government watching this?

I'm stating the obvious questions there about why the government isn't watching this because of all the spy satellites, the radar etc they should be an e on this! Even an airport can see anything flying in its airspace or on one of its routes which this most certainly is. PK-LM is the letter on the right aeroplane wing in the video.

Somebody else apart from the eyewitness filming it knew that it was there but yet no jet's intercepted this one which makes me wonder if the department or agency etc tasked with watching the skies knew fine well what this is which leads me to believe that it's a reverse engineered craft or a top-secret craft. There are different levels of technological know-how and the private sector or commercial sector.

Independent sector which is arguably the private sector but then there's the unknown... An aerial vehicle masquerading as a known aerial vehicle but is anything else but a known aerial vehicle! If Extraterrestrial entities do have a foothold on this planet they could potentially or possibly use deception to outwit us. C'mon it'd be like James Bond putting a wig on and walking around customs smoking a cigarette.

Or something like that. We had 3 UFOs flying over North America and the US Government didn't know they were there, they shot them down and all of a sudden they can't get them. But they can shoot down a balloon and retrieve that from the ocean. The 3 UFOs were shot down over ice I might add. They just needed to walk out and get them.


The possibility of encountering extraterrestrial life is a topic that has fascinated humanity for centuries. While this sighting may not provide definitive proof, it certainly adds to the ongoing debate about the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet. The mystery surrounding this Tic Tac-shaped UFO continues to intrigue and captivate those who have seen the footage.

Our government has recently updated its reporting process on UFOs following an increase in ufo sightings reported by pilots and citizens. The Government has established a formal process to document, collect, analyze, and share information about the reports they receive. it has also stated that it does not have evidence of any alien life forms visiting Earth or any tic-tac-shaped Ufos. however, if the evidence is found then the government will take appropriate measures.

If you've got something to mention about this UFO sighting please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, cheers. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Unfortunately there's no information with this UFO sighting.

Credit: UFO_Life_ Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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