Blue Flying Disk Filmed At A Red Light Intersection

On a November night in 2020, a man driving home witnessed something out of the ordinary.

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While waiting at a red light intersection, he spotted a blue disk UFO in the evening sky. As he zoomed in to get a closer look, it became clear that this was no halo around a single light or star.

A blue disk just hovering in the sky over traffic lights.

Blue Flying Disk filned hovering in the night sky.

The object was a clear and well-defined blue disk which kept its unique shape and look even as he zooms in and out. If it was a star or light it would lose that look and stars are not blue.


Fortunately, the man was able to capture footage of the UFO on his smartphone. The video shows the disk hovering in the sky, seemingly defying the laws of physics because nothing is holding it up there. It looks like nothing else I've seen. It's not an aeroplane or a helicopter and it's not a drone. It's unclear what the object was or where it came from, but the footage is certainly intriguing.

Witness statement:

Hi, I just got some videos I took today (November 2020) and would like a bit of help.

There are no specifics about this UFO sighting but I've asked for all the relevant knowledge and as soon as I get it I'll update this post. It's an important UFO sighting so sharing it is a must, the specifics are just for historical purposes but the video is the most important thing and people need to see it. I believe that about all UFO sighting people should see them and the information is just a bonus for the history books.

If you've got any footage like this I would like to see it because it's becoming clear to me that these are everywhere and I'd like to know the how, the why and the what about these! They must represent something and something is either putting them up there or something is responsible for these being here.

That's all part of the who, what when and where which there's only us looking into these which is bonkers big time. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office or AARO is doing good work but it's too slow and hand-picking or cherry-picking the right UFO reports is it good or bad? I get it because once you open the door for people to report a UFO sighting to you or your office you become aware of just how many people are witnessing these mind-blowing things every single day.

They're everywhere and once it was now and again that a tremendous looking obvious unknown origin craft would be seen, I can testify that it's happening ALL the time!

I get thousands upon thousands of people's UFO sightings sent to me and I can't keep up. I'm going through the longest (privately held) backlog in history probably of UFO reports. I opened the door so I have a responsibility to bring it to the world.

Beware of what you wish for is all I can say.

While sceptics may dismiss this specific sighting as a hoax or a misidentified natural phenomenon, the man who captured the footage is convinced that he witnessed something truly extraordinary.

Who are we to challenge another person's integrity? That's very wrong and I'll always take people at their word but not blindly or naively just because it's the way I'd like to have my say looked at. Treat others as you want to be treated and I'll always live by that saying because from it I have grown in other areas. Try it out.


Whether or not it's a true Extraterrestrial craft or ship we'll hopefully know one day when Extraterrestrial disclosure happens and someone will go through probably the most important UFO sightings first then it'll be the rest. Which ones are real or not we might know one day and the sooner the better.

Will we ever know the truth about this mysterious blue disk remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it's a sighting that won't soon be forgotten at least by the witness who filmed it on the day while he drove home that day.

If you've got a UFO sighting you'd like to see here written about for the world to see just drop us a line through Instagram DMs and I'll gladly check it out.

Please let us know what you think about this in the comments section below, cheers and don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Alex Rodriguez Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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