Being chased By 13 UFOs Coast Florida In Unique Footage

On Wednesday (I looked it up it was a Wednesday), August 31st, 1994, two guys out fishing off the Florida coast witnessed something truly mind-blowing.

2 guy's fishing off the coast of Florida in 1994 chased by 13 glowing UFO Orbs.

They recorded 13 silver UFO orbs reflecting the sun's light that was surrounding their boat. The Sun's light makes it look like the Spheres are orange and glowing Orbs but that's not the case as it's just the orange Sun light. By the way it is not an oil rig as some suggested it is, lol.


And if that wasn't enough that there were 13 of these things bearing down on them, they also spotted two black UFOs in front of the sun, which could have been where the 13 silver orbs were headed.

I mean, these guys were just out there fishing for a big catch, and out of nowhere, these 13 orbs in formation come charging at them. It's crazy to think about how fast these UFO orbs were travelling. And get this, the orbs were orange spheres because they were reflecting the Sun's light, but the two in front of the sun were black.

Is there a possible link to the NC Outer Banks formation of UFOs that looks very similar and as the Sun was going down too?

I find this whole thing fascinating. I genuinely thought years ago when I first saw this video that they were orange but they're not, they're silver reflecting the Sun's light. It's not every day that you hear about something like this happening. I can only imagine how these guys must have felt seeing all of this unfold before their very eyes. Amazingly, they were able to capture it all on video.

2 black UFOs in front of the Sun off coast of Florida in 1994.

It was reported to MUFON, here's the case number:

Mufon Case 87314.

Above Top Secret has some interesting things about this footage and a screenshot of the MUFON case which this was only submitted to MUFON on October 13th, 2017.

Here's the extraordinary and detailed description submitted to MUFON in 2017, it's long but as you'd expect for one of the biggest UFO sightings in history and yes Indiatlantic does exist it's near Orlando FL!

I have a video I took in the early 90's of what the air force said the next day in the Florida today were helicopters off of indiatlantic 20 miles offshore dropping flares in an excersize by a squadron that didn't exist any longer. Many people along the beaches apparently called in to the police. The issue with that story is I have video of the incident from 20 miles offshore-time and date documented as well as loran coordinates (before gps). The video shows the loran, the afternoon fishing activities, and clusters (5 clusters I believe) of 2-4 bright lights materializing and disappearing-fading in and out. There were no helicopters anyplace and I know what flares look like, these had no parachutes, no smoke trails and did not lose altitude - they were not falling. I never shared publicly - I mean claim the airforce was lying??... and still don't want scoffing or ridicule.. however this video clearly shows it's NOT what the Air Force reported that day with an air force squadron that was disparaged years before as publicly announced in The Florida Today Sept 1 1994. I can't say what it was, but shows what it wasn't. An hour or so earlier there was a C-130 making low passes and circling in another area. I did not video that - we were fishing. I suspect the military did know what this was, but flares they are not, or helicopters. These lights are in the same config as many other lights and sightings including the Phoenix lights and reports going back hundreds and thousands of years.

To not people have been saying that it took place over Indiatlanyic, Florida which I thought it did not exist, I even thought it was a typo but yes it's an actual place near Orlando according to Google Maps.

There's a lot of things that people will have to say about this epic UFO sighting so please share your thoughts with us and please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

RIP Tina Turner.

Credit: Fox51/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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