Massive Structure Radio Antenna On The Moon

A discovery on the Moon has sparked rumours and excitement within the space exploration community.

The Lunar surface has massive radio antennas.

Large radio antenna on the Moon surface.

Obvious Moon anomaly with a chimney on lunar surface.


The chimney or exhaust, air duct or whatever that is, it doesn't belong on the Moon, does it? That's probably one good thing about the Moon there's another strange structure to pick from in a never-ending cycle of bizarre structures on the Lunar surface.


A massive tower, standing at 3.5 miles (5.6km) high, has been spotted on the Moon through NASA's LROC moon-mapping images.

This should not be there no matter what because there's nothing on the surface of the Moon that can create this except for the obvious unknown entity.

The images were made public on Google Moon, and some have suggested that the structure is a "launch pad" that was constructed by extraterrestrial beings in antiquity. However, others have dismissed such speculation and insisted that the tower is simply a crater within a crater.

The definition of a UFO researcher?

  • Someone who reads up on UFO sightings.
  • Writes about UFO sightings and furthers the UFO genre through awareness.
  • Someone who tries their hardest to wade through the information and pick out the truth.
  • One who encourages witnesses to tell their stories.
  • Gives opinions but relies on the truth (whatever it is).

I mean it makes sense that a huge black tower is a crater within a crater. To be honest that's a wee bit of sarcasm as the explanation given is flimsy at best. The other explanation was the process of mosaic where the images are stacked in order and overlapped with one another to create the landscape. That should not create a shadow though and yes we see a shadow from the tower without a doubt. And an outline of whatever it's connected to under the surface of the Moon?

While the true nature of the tower on the Moon remains a mystery, it has captured the attention of many people around the world. The images show a prominent, cylindrical type of structure located in the centre of a large crater. The tower stands nearly twice as high as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

We are talking about a massive structure.

Some UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have even suggested that it could be a base for alien spacecraft and or a spaceport, given that it is unlike anything else seen on the lunar surface why not? Others remain sceptical and believe that the structure is simply a natural formation.

As natural as the process which created the Moon. That's got to be different to the way the Earth was formed.

Many scientists and researchers have weighed in on the discussion, stating that it is too early to make any definitive conclusions about the structure without further evidence. They have also pointed out that it is not uncommon for natural formations to appear strange or unusual, especially in the Moon's harsh environment like pareidolia (seeing familiar objects in unfamiliar things).

Our lack of understanding and knowledge plus information does give credence to that specific observation I must admit. Buckle up it's going to be a long wait... Or we can speculate now and work out the details later on?

Nigel Watson, the author of the f the UFO Investigations Manual, said, "In this case, the vertical looking hill is more likely to be caused by shadows from a hill that has a steep bank or cliff face on the right-hand-side."

A vertical-looking hill is definitely without any doubt a very big reach. That's reaching or clutching at straws in terms of anything else but what it is! It's not a vertical-looking hill, that's just my opinion on this. What do I think it is? I think it's an antenna maybe for communication deep into space. It ticks the boxes for this because it's the size, shape and lending just these 2 parameters to communication we get a large relay tower.

NASA backs this up by scanning radio and other frequencies for Extraterrestrial signals. This would be part of that looking for communication by Extraterrestrial life. If NASA believes that they could be using radio signals then this fits right in with and alongside the NASA thinking process perfectly. Unless NASA expects Aliens to use the radio but no antenna or anything else that would send and receive a signal?

But a vertical-looking hill, that's a new one.

This discovery is a reminder of the incredible potential that still exists for exploration and discovery in space. As technology continues to advance, our understanding of the universe is sure to grow. Whether or not the tower on the Moon is a man-made construction or a natural formation, it is clear that there is much more to discover and learn about the world beyond our planet.

When we eventually get back to the Moon there are a lot of places to explore unlike before in 1969 everyone and their aunty Han had Zoom on their cameras so this is one of the places I'd like to know more about.

UFO hunter Mark Sawalha spotted what he describes as a ‘strange spike’ in a NASA image of the lunar surface - and he’s taken the idea and run with it. Sawalha says, "Aliens are using moon minerals and they have bases there too. Many other findings support this theory."


In the meantime, scientists and space enthusiasts alike can continue to speculate and marvel at the incredible beauty and mystery of our nearest celestial neighbour. The images captured by NASA's LROC and made available to the public on Google Moon give us all an opportunity to journey to the Moon and explore its wonders for ourselves.

Credit: NASA/Metro/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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