UFO Sightings Reported To UFO Sightings Footage

People have been sharing their UFO sightings with me through my Instagram page to share with the world. We want the whole world to see what's going on with this planet because we are being visited by UFO crafts.

Mission Beach UFO sighting over USA 2023.

Screenshot from video 2.

It's a great time in history that we can even share UFOs because of how many there are in our atmosphere. That's great news for us because we get to see just what's flying around our heads. And it's all down to the people who are looking up and filming them why we're seeing them on film. So thank you for your kind efforts and for sharing them with me.

Video 1

This video was sent to me in February 2023. It was filmed in Argentina.

Witness statement:


Corriente Paso de la Patria hace dos horas.


The current passed the homeland two hours ago.

Elias Ifrán.

Have you ever seen a UFO in the sky if you have you are in the minority of UFO And that's from the popular theory that hardly anyone looks up to anymore! Everyone is on their phones just like yourself right now looking straight at this screen.

Look that's not a bad thing it's really good if your learning or searching for answers to your questions or opinions and thoughts. We've never taken so much information in as we do now which is equivalent to 50 gigabytes of data per day for the average person who lives in the USA.

Video 2

This video was also sent to me midway through February 2023.

January 21st 2023, 11:42 pm, sighting over Mission Beach/ Pacific Beach, San Diego, California. Flew directly over my car on the way to work at a low elevation with no sound. Initially looked unbelievable. As I saw it it was in the formation of an L shape or boomerang shape. The lights were mostly red from what I can remember when it was over my head. I have the original clip and the cropped one as you can see by the time I got my phone out to record. While driving it was somewhat distant but appeared in a straight formation. Let me know what you think!!! The long row of 4 lights and the flashing one. Anything else was a reflection from the windshield of my consoles in the car. It reminded me of the Phoenix Lights.


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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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