Stargate Or Portal Control Console From Ancient Peru

Ancient Peruvians we're forward thinking people and leaders in everything from technology, architecture, culture, religion, astronomy, harvesting food and possibly Alien interaction in the distant past and stone carving.

If the ancient Peruvians (Incas) was in contact with Aliens and there's proof that the people of ancient Machu Picchu just "got up and left" putting 2 and 2 together doesn't mean that Aliens took them lol. But it's strange none the less!

The official story is: 
Machu Picchu's Inca Past...
There is no evidence that the conquistadors ever attacked or even reached the mountaintop citadel, however; for this reason, some have suggested that the residents' desertion occurred because of a smallpox epidemic.

Whatever snapped the stone carving must of used a tremendous amount of force to crack it, was it deliberately broken to disassemble the portal perhaps?Was the other half taken away or hidden? Does still exist? What the hell did they use to carve out the solid granite stone all the way up the side of a mountain...

Yet, look at the scope of detail achieved on the carved piece. The angles, the corners, the levelled surfaces and the "modern looking control console" type design.

•Is it a console?
•A religious alter?
•Unfinished statue?
•Spacecraft clamping device?

If it's a console because it absolutely does look like a console of some kind - but if it is then what's it controlling? Again, is it a portal or a Stargate?
If your reading this thinking why does the author think it's a portal or Stargate, I'll remind you that experts have stated that this piece predates the Incas by thousands of years! That's incredible because of the tools needed to carve this stone might not exist yet there?
So who carved it? What for?

The area and people wasn't advanced technology wise but yet, here are.
So, I'll ask again, is this a console for a Stargate or possible portal?
It's totally out of any known recorded history books but yet here is advanced technology, creating advanced astronomy and possibly vibration, energy and maths.

It doesn't make sense.
I'm been serious about this because the tangible evidence is there, carved in stone as the old saying goes. If you can imagine it, you can do it.
That's one of my sayings, but that doesn't mean I'm ruling out everything else.
It only means that after thinking about it's possible use but in an ancient times setting, there couldn't possibly of been much of a need for whatever that thing is?
What are your thoughts on this ancient stone carving on the side of a mountain in the Peruvian Andes?

Source Megalithic Marvels.
Source Irwin Olivera.
Source Wikipedia.

Ancient Peru monument.

Credit: Irwin Olivera. 
So the opinion is that they just got up and left because they had smallpox haha. That's laughable. So, let me get that right, the ancient people of Machu Picchu all deserted their homes, the city they'd always said they'd never leave lol. Because they all caught smallpox. That's according to experts.
History link here.

The place of this amazing carved anomaly:
Ñaupa Iglesia is a fascinating Peruvian ruin in the Sacred Valley of the high Andes. It is located between Ollantaytambo and Urubamba; Ollantaytambo being only 30 Km (18.64 miles) from Machu Picchu.
Here's the really, really interesting facts about this carving and surrounding areas.
Ñaupa Iglesia predates the Inca - how long we do not know, but possibly thousands of years. Ñaupa Iglesia also has some very interesting geometry that shows a detailed understanding of astronomy and vibration.
Read the links I've provided to get an understanding of why scientists are saying about vibrations and astronomy? But also, the genius Tesla went on record and stated that:

Nikola Tesla, he said that if you want to start to know how the universe works then you need to start to think in terms of vibration and energy. In fact, here's the exact quote which I've just looked up courtesy of Wikipedia: 
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla said, “If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.“ One of the many benefits of doing the work of attaining levels of conscious awareness is the practice of trusting.

Credit: Quota.

Nobody just gets up and walks away "from everything" never to be seen or heard from ever again! But, this is an ancient city we are talking about.
There's proof that the people we're absolutely genius at agriculture, art, sports, sophisticated architecture and city planning on an industrial scale.
•Yet they all disappeared in one go.
•The forests reclaimed the area preserving it.
•What's the reason for this?
Could there really be a Stargate or a portal which took the people away from Earth? Why am I asking this "not sanctioned question" lol because of the epic and I mean spectacularly epic, even unprecedented level of detail which went in to the carving of this console on the side of an Andes mountain in Peru.
It's as hard as any of the hardest granite that there is on this planet. It also looks like the top half of this carving was broken off and possibly tumbled down the mountain side?

Ancient aliens conspiracies do exist.

Credit: Irwin Olivera.

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