The Alien In The Backyard Las Vegas Behind Digger

On May 1st, 2023, a case in Las Vegas gained attention and became known as the "Alien in Backyard" case.

The Alien entity in Las Vegas resident's backyard 1st May 2023.

Just after writing this post, I found another 26-second clip, I'll be honest I think I see something hiding behind the large digger looking through the window. It's towards the end of this video.


To better understand this case, the family involved posted a video of the incident. While it may be difficult to see anything in the video, some people claim to see beings in certain areas.

Well it can't be in more than one place at a time so...

I'll admit that towards the end it really looks like something is looking out from behind the digger to me, through the window.

Since this happened it has been photographed in other parts of the Las Vegas area see here the clearest photo of the Alien yet It's genuinely hard to know the truth from fiction and people's opinions presented on the day. Like many other people, I just want to know what happened and was any Extraterrestrial craft (where is this craft now) recovered.

I'm sharing this news to keep my readers informed and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

The video posted by the family involved in the "Alien in Backyard" case has caused quite a stir as you probably already know. Although it is not easy to see anything in the video, some people claim to see beings in certain areas. I want to ensure the readers are up-to-date on this case and would appreciate any insights you may have.


The "Alien in Backyard" case in Las Vegas on May 1st has garnered attention due to a video posted by the family involved. Subsequent photo's taken of the being (creature) have also been taken. The Las Vegas Metro police received calls just after one cop's bodycam footage shows the UFO landing.

Although the video may be difficult to decipher, some people claim to see beings in certain areas. I hope to keep you guys informed on this ongoing case and welcome any thoughts or opinions you may have.

Video description:

01/05/2023 - About the recent case in Las Vegas that became known as "Alien in Backyard" to better understand, come back to a post, this video was posted by the family that experienced the case, it is not easy to see something, honestly we cannot see it, but some people claim to be able to see beings in some places, we are posting to cover the news about the case, what do you have to say?

Thank's for your messages and if you've caught any strange UFO sightings please share them with us and let's get the message out there, thank you.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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