UFO From 2003 Has Something In Common With Recent UFOs

I believe this guy, I really do just by his body language because he's explaining where he took the video from and it looks as genuine as they come.

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Let's get into it. Here's the 2003 UFO top image with another 2 more very similar looking UFOs with the dark center which I explain more about further on in this post.

2003 August 11th New Westminster, BC, Canada silver flying Disk.

Paraglider chases UFO that nearly hits his craft.

Silver sphere Mexico Taumalipas 28/12/2022.

The only name the main eyewitness is known as is Mark. But still, that's their right to anonymity and yes I'm going with this UFO as being real.



New Westminster, BC, Canada. UFO, 2003.

The video was taken on Aug.11, 2003. My wife spotted something in the corner of her eye, while she was in the kitchen. around 6:20 pm. ( pacific standard time). She went out on the deck, she saw a round object hovering over the trees, she said it flipped over and it turned bright blood red, she yelled for me, I came out and saw a cigar-shaped object, I then ran back inside, to get my new camcorder, when I looked, I could see it with the naked eye. I pointed to the camcorder, I had a hard time locating it at first, it was flying very fast, and I had a hard time keeping up with it while looking at the view screen. I was shocked, I thought it was a balloon or something, and I was going to have a good laugh -- well needless to say I wasn't laughing when I reviewed the tape. I'm using a JVC mini DV, GR-d90 camcorder, I purchased it two days before the sighting.

New Westminster, BC, Canada.


The silver UFO sphere (up top, bottom image); UFO sighting in Valle Hermoso, Taumalipas, Mexico on 12/28/2022 at 12:05 am, a great record, these unidentified flying objects, in the shape of a metallic sphere, would they be probes? Or ships?

The black UFO (up top, middle image); was filmed by a paraglider over Garden Ridge Texas USA 31st May 2023. The paraglider chases it when it nearly hits his craft. We see that UFO turn away from the paraglider as it's filming the ground.

The very top image is the New Westminster, BC, Canada UFO sighting from 11th August 2003. There are similarities between all these UFOs which I nicknamed "Button UFOs" many years ago. The centre is probably in my opinion where the propulsion system could be and the surveillance equipment is. I've gone through this in both posts of the other 2 UFO sightings I've referenced above, top. Although the object itself may be what's propelling the UFO using an unknown force object as opposed to needing anything on the outside to power it? It might just be what Bob Lazar worked on...

It could be humans from the future, it could be one of the many species from space or it could be a hoax. One thing that I do know is that Ufology is not easy to learn. It's ongoing every single day and the knowledge is vast. It's ever-evolving and changing the direction it goes in. New information comes along and old info goes out the window. Like the Moon landing was a hoax but yet astronauts filmed structures on the Moon? Which is it?

One day it's hot and sunny and the next it's cool and damp. Its ever-changing landscape means that anything is possible and that's why I don't rule out anything. How can we rule stuff out when it's constantly changing? Leave it in and let it find its right way up. So to speak just as the old saying goes; "It will find its own feet."

That's the video description but the full in-depth research that was undertaken by NUFORC can be found here. The director of NUFORC Brian Vike

OMG I've been digging around for ages looking into this and I've found out a lot about this UFO sighting which was featured by NUFORC in 2004 by the director of HBCC himself; Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

It takes ages for the site to load on the web archive which is where the report is. It's that old from 20 years ago that it's to be expected.


The study that was undertaken by NUFORC and HBCC in this case was substantial but equally frustrating because while the video and the witness's testimonies from the event gave up many anomalies and interesting points it only gives us more questions than answers. But if we interpret this as it is we get the matter-of-fact answers that are presented as they are which is in my view just as good as the factual answers.

Basically what I mean is that it sprays an unknown black substance on two different occasions.

It takes unbelievable manoeuvres and turns like it should not be able to.

It changes colour to blood red according to the witness's mother-in-law.

Then there's the fact that it has nothing on show that would propel it one way or another. It's also as flat as a pancake which in a split second it changes position. There's nothing balloon about this and the substance being ejected would suggest that it's not a balloon along with the going against the wind and going away but coming back tells us that it's not a balloon.

That's the matter-of-fact answers I mentioned earlier. If it does one thing that it should not be able to do it rules out it being a balloon.

If it flies away and comes back then it's propelling itself. If it's not got anything visible that could propel it then it's unknown origin because all of our crafts especially from 2003 and that small would have a visible propulsion system. These are the matter-of-fact answers we can determine on our own without any assistance from the so-called experts.


I'm so glad that I researched and looked into this because it's just another example of we've got as much information as possible from this and now it's up to the powers that be to investigate (going back 20 years) that's 2 decades worth of investigation time that someone could have got factual information from this.

Please share this post and don't forget to leave your thoughts on this one because I believe that it's the real deal. It's one of the reasons why I took it upon myself to start writing about UFOs. I knew that somewhere along my journey of researching UFOs I'd find what I'm looking for. There have been many examples of that and I am looking forward to more possibilities of Extraterrestrial craft.

Original video uploaded to YouTube by Papa_Murph.


The web archive of Brian Bikes assessment and research. It takes ages to open (for me it did).

Credit: Mark/Brian Vike HBCC Research/M.M.2003/Papa-Murph YouTube/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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