Cylinder Shape UFO Flying With Flickering Orbs Arizona

On March 14th, 2021 at 6:08 AM, a white cylinder-shaped UFO was filmed over Golden Valley, AZ, USA by numerous eye witnesses.

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The UFO had white orbs (almost like Orb lights) flickering and flying right up to the main "Mothership" for want of a better word.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of cigar shape UFO and Orbs flying over Arizona in 2021.

White Cylinder Shape UFO with Orbs flying around it Arizona.

This video is absolutely amazing.


The footage shows these bizarre looking UFO Orbs next to the white cylinder with orbs flying up to it and around it. This is a bonafide certificate bizarre encounter with an unknown origin craft.

It happened over Golden Valley AZ USA in 2021 which is before the North American jets shot down the 3 UFOs. Is this part of the slow moving, radar evading UFO troupe?

And yes the UFOs pre-Feb 2023 definitely knew how to exploit the military radars and sensors. Lidar cameras and satellite cameras are only as good as their settings!

Looking back before February 2023 most UFOs seemed to be moving slow and now we know why and that's why people was able to film them. Now we know why as some took the unusual step of acknowledging the flaw. The US Government wasn't able to film these objects that can (evidence backs it up) move faster than the military jets. Evidence also supports instantaneous materialisation backed up by countless pilot's whom are all trained observer's!

Flawless witness

Military jets have pilots who've been training since they was able to walk. Personnel have been joining the military since they can remember and that's key to this. These are dedicated, patriotic and upstanding members of their respective armed forces. They don't lie, it's literally beneath them. Unless you know someone who is in the military you might not get that?

This is why I rate pilots UFO sightings and encounters because their observations are pretty much the best that we can ever wish for as a UFO researcher.

But what comes a close second is video evidence. Which leads me onto this spectacular UFO sighting from the home of UFO hotspots Arizona, USA.

It's not SpaceX it's not a balloon, it's not a weather balloon and it's definitely not a drone. It's unknown. It has Orbs surrounding it and that's why I say it's a Mothership. I don't believe in coincidence but what's the chances of the cylinder UFO turning up followed by lot's of UFO Orbs?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Zero. The chances of that happening the way it did is below zero. It's negative!

Gaping defense flaws

Why travel that fast and possibly be detected by radar's when they can take a stroll and avoid detection? I mean they probably know what is going on because that's why they're here right? To study us? Lloyd Austin stated that the NORAD sensors have all just had a major upgrade meaning that the problem is fixed... Watch this air space!

Why are UFOs here

I believe that we follow an innate timeline of events sort of like we're born to follow a certain path. Space travel, technology, smaller object's packed with more and more abilities. Then before you know it we've got helicopters on Mars and effectively unmanned robots on Mars.

Did you know we sent out Voyager 1 in 1974 it's gone into interstellar space and is 15 billion miles away. We can still communicate with it. We're turning the TV back on. We update it, upgrade it still "all on 1970s technology" so Extraterrestrial entities would have no problems whatsoever flying a UFO in our atmosphere. We do the same thing on Mars!

Hence the innate "curiosity" that could be universal and our driving force?

We are not alone in the universe. Why do I say that? Where the hell do I start?

Let's just start with the UAP disclosure. The US Government has stated that these are of unknown origin.

Someone or something had to have created them. That's a type of disclosure for people who read between the lines. People want the direct "Aliens exist" line from the Government but maybe the acknowledgement of the UAPs is all we're going to get?

The sighting of this UFO is a unique and unexplained phenomenon. The footage captured clearly shows the cylinder-shaped UFO (the type that Anita Anand the Canadian defense minister said they'd shot down in February) and the orbs flying around it. The incident has left many people wondering about the origin of the craft and the purpose of the orbs. It is a fascinating and intriguing encounter that has yet to be explained.

Will we ever get answers

This sighting is just one of many unexplained encounters with UFOs that have been reported over the years. The footage captured on March 14th, 2021, adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests there is more to our universe than we currently understand. It is a reminder that there is still much to be discovered and explored beyond our planet.

Witness statement:

I also did notice the orbs coming off of it. You’re the first publication to take it seriously, sorry I just re read your email. All I can say is I was already a believer, this was awesome to capture, and it definitely was way more miraculous in person. The video even not compressed doesn’t do it justice at all. Mar 14th 2021

6:08 AM.

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Credit: J. Babcock/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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