Decoding the Enigma | Analyzing The Leaked Video Of An Alien Encounter

In 2017 an apparent Alien Grey was filmed meeting with a human being at Area 51 and I've got to admit it looks real but probably it's a clever CGI rendering.

Alien supposedly meeting man in Area 51 is it real though.

Alien supposedly meeting with a human being at Area 51.

Let's get into it.

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The leaked video allegedly shows an unexpected encounter between a humanoid extraterrestrial being and a person in what appears to be a secret underground US military base or Area 51 which is not secret at all.


The authenticity of this footage has been widely debated and rightly so, with varying opinions surrounding its legitimacy. In this blog post, I'm going to embark on a journey to unveil the truth behind this intriguing video, discerning whether it is a genuine encounter or a cleverly orchestrated hoax. I'm already leaning towards this being a hoax but that's because it's hard to find anything whatsoever about this.

The Footage:

Upon viewing the supposedly leaked video, I cannot help but be struck by the realism and attention to detail. The extraterrestrial entity, commonly recognized as an Alien Grey, appears to be remarkably authentic, possessing the distinct features often associated with this type of extraterrestrial species. Can we not tell the difference between a CGI rendering and a real being anymore?

That's a great thing for video games and movies etc but for Ufology maybe it's the final chapter in the timeline of Ufology because it's got to the point where we can't tell the difference between a hoax and a real Alien in this case. I want to believe in Aliens but I know that there are people out there deliberately faking that stuff and it's not a good thing.

The ambience of the dark underground facility adds to the strangely plausible setting, generating a sense of mystery and intrigue that captivates the imagination, it certainly does mine.

Verifying the Authenticity:

To determine the authenticity of the video, we delve into the process of critical analysis and scrutiny. Experts in video forensics and CGI specialists must thoroughly examine the footage, assessing its various elements, such as lighting, shadows, and anatomical details. I can only do so much, especially without the funds I'm just a guy hoping to change the way people see UFOs.

They (paid professionals in video forensics) are going to have their work cut out for themselves because this is beyond anything that I ever came across. Just to investigate the discrepancies that could indicate CGI manipulation or signs of a staged hoax, including inconsistencies in motion, pixelation, or unnatural movements seriously needs experts of a different calibre. You're talking about thousands upon thousands of dollars?

I understand the processes needed for researching UFOs and the timeline of events leading up to the UFO event and after the events but researching and analysis of anatomically correct people and Extraterrestrial entities ruling in or out manipulated graphics is a whole different level of skillset.

The Discovery Channel for instance can utilize experts in many given fields of study because of their vast pockets but a single person trying to make a difference it's a uphill struggle believe me. So I bring you the information and ask for your collective reasoning in trying to make a difference.

Their findings are integral to discerning the video's veracity. Let's bring our collective knowledge and experience to bare down on this video as much as we can and please leave your comments below.

The CGI Hypothesis:

One hypothesis posits that the video could be a skillfully crafted computer-generated imagery (CGI) project created possibly by a bored student, a hoaxer without consciousness. It's ruining Ufology and yes I am leaning towards this being a hoax but that's because there's no information about this at all. It's not part of a whistleblowers campaign for truth it's just a random but very real-looking Extraterrestrial entity in a video.

The advancement of technology has made it increasingly difficult to differentiate between filmed real-time footage and convincing digital simulations. CGI hoaxers can create incredibly lifelike renderings, raising the possibility that this encounter was meticulously orchestrated behind a computer screen.

The Staged Hoax Theory:

Another theory suggests that the video is a well-executed staged hoax, employing a person in an intricately designed costume to impersonate an extraterrestrial entity. Historically, there have been instances where individuals fabricated elaborate scenarios to perpetrate hoaxes for various reasons, such as publicity or generating a sense of wonder. Careful analysis of the video, including an examination of the alleged extraterrestrial being's movements and interaction with the human participant, can help shed light on the plausibility of this theory.

Alternative Possibilities:

Beyond the realm of CGI and hoaxes lie speculations that this encounter may involve humans hailing from the future or other dimensions. The concept of time travel and parallel dimensions has long fascinated scientists and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. While these possibilities stretch the boundaries of our current understanding, they cannot be entirely ruled out without further evidence and investigation.

Keep an Open Mind:

In the absence of concrete evidence establishing the veracity or hoax status of the leaked video, one must approach this video with an open mind. It is crucial to balance scepticism with curiosity, allowing us to explore both the limitations of our current knowledge and the potential breakthroughs that await us in the future. While definitive conclusions may elude us at present, the pursuit of truth and understanding remains an essential facet of our collective journey.


The leaked video depicting an encounter between a person and an Alien Grey in an alleged secret underground US military base stands as a captivating enigma, leaving us with more questions than answers. As I continue to uncover the truth behind this footage, we must remain vigilant, employing critical thinking and scientific analysis to separate fact from fiction (that's very important).

Whether the video is a genuine glimpse into extraterrestrial encounters, it represents the perpetual allure of the unknown, urging us to quench our thirst for knowledge as we navigate the mysterious realm of the inexplicable.

If you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us and also please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

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Credit: Unanswered Universe/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Hopefully people really work this one out, would be amazing if it’s real

    1. I've been analysing this video and just as the handshake happens it would seem there is an inconsistency. It's taken a day to look into it. I'd like nothing more than be able to say that it's real.

  2. Why, every time when yu publishing the "small screen" your vide does not working??!!

    1. I don't know if anyone else has this problem? I've just tried it on all my devices and it seems to work fine including iPhone. Sorry for your inconvenience 🙏🏻

  3. Maybe the video was leaked to give humans a clear picture of what the Grey extraterrestrials look like, so humans can be better prepared of what they will be seeing in the near future.

  4. Always a head, two eyes, legs…

  5. Wonder why they shook hands with their left hands instead of right

  6. What is the provenance of this video? who is the original poster? Where is the original unedited footage?
    You say this was filmed in 2017, but what is your source for that information?
    You say this video’s authenticity has been debated: where was it debated? This is the first site I have seen this video posted, a quick Google search turns up nothing about this footage.
    You put a quote in your story, “The ambience of the dark underground facility adds to the strangely plausible setting” - a quote but no speaker is identified.
    Not a single reference anywhere!
    All signs point to fake.

  7. why are the 'advanced' always naked???


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