Astronaut Captures Diamond-Shaped UFO Crafts near the ISS

An extraordinary incident occurred inside the International Space Station (ISS), caught on camera by an alert astronaut.

Diamond UFOs are filmed by an astronaut going past the ISS.

Astronaut films 3 UFOs flying past the ISS.

The footage reveals a breathtaking scene - a colossal diamond-shaped UFO accompanied by two smaller unidentified flying objects (UFOs), gracefully gliding through space.

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Let's get into it.

Join me as I explore this remarkable encounter and its implications for our understanding of the cosmos.


The Unexpected Sighting:

Amid routine operations on the ISS, astronauts must have been captivated by an awe-inspiring sight outside their window. Swiftly grabbing a camera, one astronaut documented the extraordinary event that left the crew and the world in awe. Because it's an astronaut tracking the UFOs there's no information with this.

The Diamond-Shaped Enigma:

Gently flying by in space, a massive white diamond-shaped craft will have astounded the observers with its size and distinctive shape and the fact that they were accompanied by 2 other distinct looking UFOs at either side. Questions must have arose shortly after regarding its origin and purpose as it floated serenely against the backdrop of the Earth's blue water.

Mysterious Companions:

Accompanying the diamond-shaped craft were two smaller UFOs but equally amazing in their own right. Their synchronized movement implied a high level of technology or a shared purpose among the crafts, further fueling curiosity. They're working together and I'm sure about it.

Interpretations and Speculations:

The footage has already sparked intense speculation, with suggestions ranging from extraterrestrial life in superior quality spacecrafts to human-made experimental or military vehicles. The mystery deepens as official statements remain elusive and that's just the way it is. The external mounted cameras are routinely turned off so maybe the unidentified astronaut knows this and wanted to get real evidence of it to leak? Is that why we have this video now?

The Cosmic Implications:

Encounters like these challenge our understanding of the universe and raise questions about the existence of other civilizations not to mention the motivation to cover up the sightings. The sighting of the diamond-shaped UFO and its companions inspires us to explore further and expand our knowledge of the unknown.


It's quite clear that the Astronaut was filming something, that's why he's at the window. Capturing the video of a diamond-shaped UFO and its accompanying crafts near the ISS is astonishing, it's taken an astronaut's own footage to leave us in awe and curiosity. This remarkable UFO event invites us to ponder the limitless possibilities and embrace the mysteries that the universe presents to us.

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Credit: NASA/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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