Officer Encounters The Loudest Scariest Apocalyptic Sounds

Recently, an intriguing incident involving Security Officer Noel Almar has sparked the curiosity of many in Texas. While on duty, Officer Almar found himself in a peculiar situation when he heard spine-chilling apocalyptic sounds emanating from the woods.

Security Officer Noel Almar filmed Apocalyptic sounds or Bigfoot Texas.

Astonishingly, Security Officer Almar filmed the incident, leaving people guessing as to what exactly was causing the noise. Some speculate it was Bigfoot, while others suggest it could be an ingenious prank by a resident nearby.

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Let's get into it.

I'll delve into this peculiar story and explore the various possibilities because there are a few possibilities.


The Frightening Encounter:

As the apocalyptic sounds echoed through the wilderness, Security Officer Almar's initial fear was palpable that was easy to hear in his voice. The chilling nature of the noise compelled him to stay by his cop car and film the incident from a safe distance as any sane person would. The unnerving sounds grew louder, causing some to wonder if it was indeed the elusive and legendary creature known as Bigfoot roaming the woods. People commenting on the video random answers right across the spectrum.

I've reached out to Mr Almar for his comment on this encounter and to ask for his comment about what happened on the night in question. As soon as I get a response from Mr Almar I will update this post straight away so please check back often for the information straight from the witness himself.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Everything was debated from Bigfoot to Aliens and the eerie apocalypse sounds heard right around the world. Was it audio taken from another video as one person suggested considering the cop is talking about it and where he's parked I think it's safe to say no it's not swapped-out audio. Is it Bigfeet or "Bigfoot" as a lot of people were suggesting? I never did find out why it was called just Bigfoot" as opposed to Bigfeet. It's probably because only one overly large footprint was discovered initially way back when the legend started (I assume?)

The Bigfoot Theory:

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, has been a subject of fascination for decades. Numerous individuals claim to have witnessed sightings or heard its distinct vocalizations and someone supposedly caught the famous Bigfoot video with the being briefly stopping for a moment then looked back and hurried away. Is that what we're all hearing here maybe or something similar to it? It was filmed in Texas by a security officer while he was out on patrol.

The idea that Officer Almar stumbled upon these elusive creatures cannot be entirely dismissed. I genuinely don't believe that it was a staged hoax. Perhaps the notorious Bigfoot was just passing through, leaving Officer Almar with a spine-tingling experience.

The Prankster Theory:

Alternatively, sceptics suggest that the apocalyptic sounds were nothing more than an elaborate prank by a local miscreant. Someone with access to loudspeakers and a penchant for mischief could have orchestrated the entire incident to create a sensational scare. This scenario would explain Officer Almar's reluctance to venture deeper into the woods without backup, considering the potential danger of encountering the prankster face to face. Security Officer Noel Almar is seen in the video scanning the start of the woods, and the beginning of the tree line with his patrol car's spotlight. His reluctant to venture into the forest or woods, treeline whatever you call it (end of the road) he is not going anywhere beyond those trees because it's put the fear of God into him.


While the exact reality behind Security Officer Almar's chilling experience may forever remain a mystery, it has undoubtedly sparked a myriad of discussions and debates and rightly so. Whether it was the handiwork of mischievous pranksters or a genuine encounter with the legendary Bigfoot, one thing is certain: the incident has left Officer Almar and many others with an unnerving and unforgettable experience. Would you go into the woods after hearing those frightening sounds I'll bet you that the answer is a resounding no! As the speculation continues, it's up to you to decide which theory holds more truth because, at this moment in time, that's all we have, just the video with the sounds of the apocalypse.

Please share your thoughts on this and tell us what you believe or think about this bizarre phenomenon. Have you had a similar experience and if so tell us about it, thank you. Also please don't forget to share this post, thanks. Guy if you get a chance check out Liftingtheveilx2's Instagram page they've got some great stuff.

Credit: Police Officer Noel Almar/Liftingtheveilx2/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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