Dr. Steven Greers Unveiling The Extraterrestrial Connection

The revelation of multiple deep black budgets UAP/UFO propulsion technology and the impending Rico civil lawsuit is causing waves.

Dr Steven Greer and his press club June 12th 2023.

Let's get into it.

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On June 12th, 2023, renowned UFO researcher and disclosure advocate Dr Steven Greer held a momentous press conference unveiling groundbreaking information regarding deep black budget Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) and UFO propulsion devices. Drawing from years of research and investigations into Extraterrestrial crafts dating back to the 1940s, Dr Greer shed light on the astonishing advancements of electrogravitic and electromagnetic propulsion technologies.


Alongside these revelations came the announcement of an impending Rico civil lawsuit, which aims to bring to light the covert operations and secrecy surrounding these technological advancements, involving companies and institutions such as NASA. In this blog post, we delve into the remarkable revelations made during Dr Greer's press conference while exploring the implications of the upcoming Rico civil lawsuit.

Dr Steven Greer: Championing Disclosure

Dr Steven Greer is a highly respected figure in the field of ufology, known for his tireless efforts to uncover the truth behind UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation. Through his various endeavours, including the disclosure project and his extensive research, Dr Greer has amassed a wealth of evidence and testimonies from credible sources, drawing attention to the existence of advanced technologies and the covert operations surrounding UAPs.

Deep Black Budget: A Clandestine Pursuit

During his press conference, Dr Greer revealed that private companies and institutions, including NASA, have been engaging in a covert and highly classified research program known as the "Deep Black Budget." This program, operating outside of public scrutiny, focuses on studying and replicating the advanced propulsion systems of Extraterrestrial spacecraft. Dr Greer stated that these breakthrough technologies, based on electrogravitic and electromagnetic principles, have been under development since the 1940s.

Electrogravitic and Electromagnetic Propulsion: Unleashing the Potential

What makes Dr Greer's revelations truly revolutionary is the mention of electrogravitic and electromagnetic propulsion technologies. These cutting-edge systems have purportedly been derived from the study of UFOs and are believed to harness energy fields to enable Interstellar travel using "zero point energy." While intricate details of these technologies were not fully disclosed during the press conference, Dr Greer's claims suggest that mankind is on the brink of a paradigm shift in propulsion capabilities.

Consider what would occur if humans had access to the kind of "free energy" that he believes powers alien spacecraft

Stemceo Medium  

Implications for Science and Exploration

The potential implications of electrogravitic and electromagnetic propulsion technologies are far-reaching. Should these innovations be successfully developed and integrated into our spacecraft, humanity could witness advancements in space travel previously thought to be in the realm of science fiction. Interstellar expeditions, previously considered impossible, would become plausible, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the universe.

Impending Rico Civil Lawsuit: Shedding Light on Covert Operations

In addition to the astounding technological revelations, Dr Greer announced an impending Rico civil lawsuit during the press conference. The lawsuit aims to expose the covert operations and secrecy surrounding the deep black budget UAP/UFO propulsion technology research, involving companies and institutions such as NASA. By bringing these operations into public scrutiny, the lawsuit seeks to uncover the truth and hold the responsible entities accountable for their actions and boy is that list an eye-opener go to 2:12:20 in the video above. The Rico civil lawsuit may provide further insights into the extent of the cover-ups and shed light on the initiatives involved in the development and suppression of extraterrestrial propulsion systems. President's stated Greer doesn't have access, you'll hear astonishing testimony in the video and I urge you to watch it if you would like an eye-opening non-Sci-Fi look behind the curtain.


Dr Steven Greer's press conference on June 12th, 2023, unravelled a world of deep black budget UAP/UFO propulsion technology based on Extraterrestrial craft studies dating back to the 1940s. By revealing the existence of electrogravitic and electromagnetic systems, Dr Greer has brought to light the potential for groundbreaking advancements in clean energy and poverty-ending technological breakthroughs. We would have advancements in our understanding of propulsion and space travel. Furthermore, the upcoming Rico civil lawsuit adds an intriguing layer to the story, suggesting a concerted effort by private companies and institutions to hide and suppress the knowledge of these technologies. While scepticism is expected (no doubt), the prospect of harnessing such technologies holds the promise of reshaping our knowledge of the universe and propelling humanity into a new era of exploration.

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  1. Free energy will never be released by the government because all those big energy companies would go bust over night..Tesla when he was alive discovered being able to draw in energy from the atmosphere.can’t remember if it was Tesla or someone else but there was something created as little as a modem that could power a whole street with electricity..soon as Tesla died government official/cia whoever ransacked he’s apartment and took everything…I remember back in the 90’s a guy developed the ability for cars to run on water yet what happened to him and why was it not developed..all those gas/energy companies would no longer be needed

  2. hi. THE IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE IN .. TIME. the good the bad and the ugly. at the end of the day we all need all of them . but! theres a huge imbalance. hence the chaos all around our mother earth.! the law has changed and so more whisleblowers can come forward. and with amensty = protection. i know whats out there and more. free energy. medbeds that can cure.heal. the third world countrys no longer need to suffer. anti-gravity.cloning.d.n.a upgrades etc. ANONYMOUS above.doesnt mebtion david grush? congress? news its moving forward. the elite already surpress tech. and many are threatened with there lives. pensions. lethal accidents. well heres the chance. LAW. trillions of taxpayers money goes MISSING! and thats what THE PENTAGON SAYS?? geezz. oh N.A.S.A = NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER.


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